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APIs for App Developers

App Developers, we can provide you with APIs to generate personalized content for your users.

Keep them returning to your app with regular Horoscopes and Astrology Forecasts. Many other topics include Relationships, Karma, and Careers.

Dating: Provide personalized profiles about dating as well as related information. Users can find out how well-matched they are with a potential partner or date. Also, check out the best days for a date.

Love and Romance: Is there love in their kiss? Users can discover the true compatibility with a partner of their choice.

Career Potential: Users can check out their career suitability. Moving forward, they can delve into their prospects. Users can subscribe to future forecast updates.

Spirituality: Reveal users’ information about Past Lives, Karma, and Healing. Plus, guidance about their future.

We can create the Astrology content you require for your app. Learn More

Our best content for your app:

Give away personalized content with our promotional astrology reports.

Offer daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes in multiple languages and topics.

Monetize your app with astrology reports you can sell.