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DIY Astrology & Tarot Product Forms

Drop in forms to add our complete range of professional Astrology & Tarot Reports to your site.

This option allows you to embed the ready-made order forms for our astrology report products directly into your existing website.

Pick the readings you know will be a hit with your visitors and order easily with our Tarot API.

You can even build your own landing page and add the form.

We provide you with free personal sample reports which can be embedded directly into your site.

Example Free Future Destiny Reading

Below is a free astrology birth chart form. It was added with one line of code copied from our Astrology Store admin site.

Complete the form to try your own Future Destiny Reading!

Included Features:

Admin Site

Track your sales.

Color schemes

Match the colors of your website.

Font Match

Pick the same font as your website.

Add Your Logo

Brand your store with your logo.

New Products

Reports automatically added to your store.


Will my store get new features?

Yes! Your store includes all planned upgrades: new reports; free sample content.

Tell me about customer service.

We help every store customer directly for you.

Users can easily update their readings if their birth details need to be adjusted.

How will you pay me?

Revenue share paid monthly in arrears at the rate of your store plan.

We make payments to you via PayPal as soon as you have £100 of revenue.

How are commissions calculated?

We pay NET of all currency conversion and credit card fees. We display all these amounts in your store admin.

Refunded payments made to clients and any subsequent related fees incurred are deducted from the total monthly amount of revenue share.

Can I change the prices?

No, we take payments and set prices.

We automatically detect and display the local currency for visitors.

Our Astrology API solution provides control over pricing.

Can I export a list of emails?

Yes, depending on your selected plan.

Client Stores

Jeff Prince

How to add Astrology & Tarot DIY product forms to your site:

We provide a complete guide with your store

Total Time: 45 minutes

Use our store designer

Pick colors to match your site and select a font.

Upload your logo

Your logo is used to brand the store and emails we send promoting reports

Pick a report from the DIY code section

View and copy the sales text and embedding code.

Paste the Code

Paste it into a new page on your website (If using WordPress, paste the code in Text View, not visual mode)

Included in the code are links to celebrity samples branded for your site.

Design your page

We provide you with the sales text, add a picture make the page your own.

Ready to try DIY Product Forms?

Alternative Sales Systems:

Ready-Made Store : Set up your new store to match the color scheme of your website. Get selling quickly.

Astrology & Tarot Plugin : Add astrology & tarot report sales to your WooCommerce / WordPress site.

Astrology API : Recommended if you want to take your own payments and have full control over the sales process.