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Wednesday 29th November


A major opportunity to improve your home becomes apparent right now. You'll be considering new home improvements, renovations and upgrades. What you may not realize at first is that some things have to be torn down before they can be rebuilt. It's a big job.


You have to make an important decision that can affect your most important relationships right now. Will you press forward with your own needs or make a challenging compromise? There is no right or wrong decision. If you can't decide, do what seems the hardest or more challening option.


You are likely to be out looking for art, music or decorations for your workplace right now. Your mind is on work, not pleasure, and while you may not be able to get into the office, you can still have fun thinking up new ways to get ahead right now.


Children can be a source of great enjoyment right now. If you are a parent, one of your children could bring home good news from school. If not, you may find it rewarding to volunteer as a tutor or mentor for a younger child.


Today you find out that the key to turn suffering into joy is to give it a purpose. Whatever you have been through, can be used in some ways to help others. At the very least, you can sign up for an Internet support group and share your experiences with others.


You want to have some fun but subconscious thoughts, fears and worries keep breaking into your recreation time. Put your fears aside. They are not likely based on legitimate fears, and there is likely nothing you can do about them right now anyway. Cross the bridges when you come to them.


Your love life is confusing and frustrating, and while you struggle to make sense of your friends and companions, it seems like they are doing their level best to be inscrutable. A financial or business partnership is more promising and less frustrating right now.


Listen to your gut feel. It is telling you that you need a creative outlet in your work, and you are not getting that where you are at right now. This is the time to plan changes rather than to take immediate action, though, as conditions are subject to unexpected changes.


You may have unusual telephone calls right now that reveal unexpected secrets and opportunities. This could take the form of a loved one who calls up to say "I've got good news and bad news." Ask for the good news first. It will make any challenges seem minor.


This could be a wonderful day in the history of your social life. The energy is warm and inviting around you. You may notice that there are a lot of lucky coincidences around friends, or while you are together with a large group of people.


New friends and companions turn out to be a little more complicated than you thought, but your sign loves "people puzzles", so that's not a bad thing. The big challenge for you may come in the form of a friend or loved one who is facing their own medical challenges.


Work-related travel and commuting is likely to be heavily frustrating to you right now. You have an opportunity to get ahead, but it may require travel, commuting, and long hours you were not mentally prepared for. Pack some water and extra sugary candy bars in the car.

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