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Wednesday 17th July


Before deciding how you want your private life to be, you include your partner in your deliberations and get valuable suggestions about the important issues you must discuss regarding your future together and the decisions you both need to be clear about that are necessary for the realization of your plans.


It’s easy to lose control, be irrational, losing your temper at a moment’s notice, turning on your partner and using abusive language, you later regret. They'll understand if you apologize and explain you're not feeling well, and if you're unsure of how you feel, take a timeout, back off and relax with a good book.


You're reluctant to show any 'give and take' in your relationship. Others who you're close to, notice how difficult you find it to retain your composure and relax. Looking at things from your partner's perspective, try to understand exactly what they feel before any decisions or compromises are made.


If you are going through changes in your relationship, you need to get out and enjoy the experience with your lover. However, if you are alone, you can discover how much fun it is to meet new people and show an interest in them as individuals, listening to what they have to say. As attentive as you are, others find you interesting and outgoing too.


Regardless of how you feel, you have a certain something others find difficult to resist. Enjoyment magically is made available to you; you don't have to do too much consciously; your lover may amaze you with their desire for you. If single, an acquaintance may develop in a way not expected, be prepared to be surprised.


You have difficulty communicating with the people you care about and have trouble telling them exactly how you feel. You can easily convey the wrong sentiment or misunderstand what is being said. There is no real reason for your mood, try to ignore it and it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.


Providence provides a few more twists and turns. Even if you succumb to odd altercations with others, such exchanges ultimately offer you an opportunity to understand better the people you care about most. Take any opportunity to have a dialogue with them, sort out any problems. Usually, discussions work out well.


You don’t hold back, or appear afraid to express the way you're feeling towards your partner. If you're normally shy, it's an ideal opportunity to get across what you want to share with them regarding more intimate matters, whether good or bad. Nothing is worse than not letting someone know how you feel about them.


Your ability to deal with others helps you socially. Even if normally you find it difficult, it’s easier to make new friends. With conviction, you instinctively know how to put across your point of view, impressing others with your composure and eloquence, and only pursuing these friendships if you want them to develop.


Remember not everyone can understand how you feel and unless you tell them they cannot possibly know. Even if you feel fed-up or just frustrated with yourself, try to remain positive. Spend some time talking seriously with people you respect, listen closely to the advice given to you by your friends and love ones.


If you feel more reticent in about your personal life, avoid trying to convince others of your beliefs or discussing matters likely to result in a difference of opinion. Your social skills aren't appreciated, and others may misunderstand what you say and form an altogether distorted impression of you as a person.


You find meaning and true value in your relationship; it's easy to forget seemingly unimportant personal problems, you're content with your lover and prefer to focus on the warm feelings you share with them. If you're single, you look for people to care for and love considering this an essential thing in life.

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