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Monday 15th July


You feel confident about tackling any relationship issues with your lover. Your sympathetic approach towards others makes it easy for them to accept what you say, even if it's problematic. Getting things out in the open relieves the tension, so your relationships progress and develop in a more positive way.


Try to avoid spending the evening alone, instead invite some friends for a get-together and see what nightlife is on offer. Using your initiative, and especially if you're single, you make pleasant connections, think carefully about exactly what you're doing. Otherwise, you may find you regret what has transpired by the morning.


There's plenty of sources of inspiration in your romantic life. Maybe your lover suggests ways to make your love life more exciting and exhilarating. If you're single, if friends suggest a plan that widens your horizons, use it as an excuse to get out and about and look for stimulating company as often as you can.


Optimistic and content, the kindness you show endears people to you, and they find this quality attractive. If looking for love, you effortlessly charm those you meet. Your appeal strikes almost anyone you encounter. Don't get too big-headed or carried away, return any compliments you receive straight away.


You're admired and appreciated by the people you love. An understanding of emotive relationship issues helps you confidently deal with any differences of opinion that may occur. If you're single, you're able to venture out and get to meet new people; your persuasiveness makes it easy for you to impress others.


Potential dates notice how confident you are and enjoy sharing time with you. Every place you go your natural, friendly attitude reassures others. Don't overlook existing friends; you may be surprised at the reaction you receive if you decide to contact an old friend you've been thinking of a lot, for a while.


If you find it difficult, to resolve relationship matters, beware of blaming your partner, and to alienate them further. Occasionally it’s more advisable to look in the mirror, to re-focus and reconsider your attitude towards the people you're supposed to care about and avoid pointless emotional outbursts.


You're sure about your feelings, showing less shyness than usual it's easier for you to meet others. Your confidence shines through and has a positive effect on those you're involved with or want to impress. Your intentions and desires are unmistakable, and you're able to articulate them to others in an impressive way.


Your partner is amazed by your capacity to sort out any relationship problem, and how effective you can be at resolving issues for others and giving them valuable advice. You're able to show others how to make compromises and offer encouragement to loved ones, so they confront their issues head-on.


Concentrate on the important things in your life, for example, peaceful coexistence with your friends and loved ones. Quietly remind your partner if you have one of how much they mean to you. Retain your composure when faced with any sudden event, don't take everything that occurs as a personal attack.


In your private life, you're honest with others, you pluck up the courage to tell someone, how you feel about them, or it may be possible to resolve a long-standing disagreement. However, to remain friends and ensure that a positive outcome is likely, don't be too forceful, but be willing to make compromises.


You receive many more messages and contacts than usual and enjoy all the attention. You may receive a text or message from someone special, who is obviously keen and excited at the prospect of a meeting. Respond positively, or you may find some time in the future you come to regret a missed opportunity.

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