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Dating Information Service

Our Dating information service lets you create information for users seeking a date with their ideal love match.

You can provide users with insights into the personality of any prospective date’s. Plus a couple’s compatibility.

Build sales funnels with our easy-to-produce dating information about a prospective partner. It reveals how well-matched they are. It helps users find like-minded individuals that will make a perfect date.

Dating Content

Our web services provide relationship compatibility. Based on each person’s date and country of birth.

Love Match shows potential, plus success rating %.
Star Dating is a person’s dating outlook and likely success.
Star Romance produces single romantic profiles.
Date Night Forecastprovides the best ‘Dates’ for one month.

Compatibility & Dating

Relationship compatibility interprets the significant connections between two people.

The five-star rating system shows the compatibility strengths of two individuals.

Select the topics you want to include.

Send promotional offers from the full range of free and paid Astrology reports.

Star Lovers describes:

The Bond Between You – Mutual Understanding
Feelings of Affection — Mutual Encouragement
Shared Responsibilities – Individuality – Mutual Sympathy.

Sexual chemistry

This API compares the loving nature of two individuals.

Star Intimacydescribes:

What making love means …- Performance
Self-expression – The pleasure you get
Explicit sexuality – Capacity and desire
Hang-ups and reservations – Inventiveness
Dreams, fantasies – Intensity

Date Night ForecastDescribes options for one month.

This API helps users find the best night for a date over the coming month. In addition, it lists the most tempting day for a date—conversely, the days to avoid.

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