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Effective Marketing Funnels

    Horoscope Service’s range of astrology and tarot APIs provides all the content you need. Create effective marketing sales funnels. For example, you can select content to capture client emails. Provide users with targeted follow-up emails. Offer in-depth content they will want to receive – why? Because it is all about themselves!

    Long Term Marketing Strategy

    Horoscopes and Astrology provide entertaining personalized content. Users refer to your in-depth astrology reports over an extended period. Also, branded Forecast subscriptions delivered by email enable long-term future engagement.

    Targeted Promotional Offers

    All users must provide their date and place of birth, gender, and current location. This information allows you to categorize and understand prospective consumers more. Also, an email confirmation supports immediate delivery.

    Send promotional offers from the full range of free and paid Astrology reports.

    Administration Center

    Horoscope Services provides live access to your secure Administration Center.

    Your Secure Admin Contents:

    • Past and current sales figures
    • Names of all reports sold
    • Free Promotional reports
    • Payment balances
    • Report credit balances

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