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Astrology API for Your Business

Astrology API

Do you want complete control over the selling process and process your own payments?

 If yes, then our direct Astrology API option is for you. You design and create the sales process and we deliver the end product. Whether you want to add a new revenue stream to your astrology app or want to integrate astrology features to your existing website, we got you covered!

Your developers make a simple request to our Astrology API which returns a unique link for you to pass onto your end customer.  When making your request you provide us with as much or as little birth details as you have collected.

When your end customer visits the special link, they will be offered the chance to complete or correct the birth details. We validate these for you and then present your company branded report.

Inside each report is the ability for your customer to correct mistakes in their birth details minimizing customer service issues.

Every report and special package are available via the API.

We deliver all astrology content products instantly, in either HTML or PDF versions.

Thanks to the comprehensive documentation that accompanies the API, your developers will have all the information needed to make the requests for each product and integrate the astrology and horoscope data seamlessly. To fully explore a live version of our Astrology API, sign up for a free test account here: 

Features of Our Astrology API

Zero API setup costs

Deliver entertaining astrology content and accurate birth charts to your users with zero API setup costs and take advantage of simple revenue share options!

Earn More with Revenue Share

Earn up to 60% with our White Label Astrology solutions and even more through our Astrology API Web Service with the volume discount scheme.

Customer Support & Account Management

Get support for customer questions and refunds as well as a secure administration center with details on revenue share and data integration options.

Email Marketing

Jump start your new astro app or horoscopes website project with automated email marketing for follow-up sales, included with the Ready-made and DIY White Label Store options.

The Ultimate Astrology Platform

Get access to a wide range of astrological charts, insights on natal planetary positions, vedic astrology, and Western astrology forecasts and calculations with our APIs. We also offer daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes based on zodiac signs delivered directly to your website in rss, xml, or json format with our Horoscope API. Schedule a demo now to grow your business and increase revenue!

Products available via Astrology API:

Astrology Reports

Written by professional astrologers, we offer a wide range of personalized astrology reports and White Label Astrology solutions for your websites and mobile apps. Our astrology APIs offer effortless integration and compatibility with your existing system.

Free Sample Astrology Reports

Offer your audience free sample astrology reports and predictions. Your customers can get a free personal trial before buying which also allows you to collect their email address for future promotions and grow your business.

Promotional Reports

Our Promotional Reports produces free readings based on a person’s date of birth only. In addition, offer follow-up full-length Astrology readings. Get astrological insights and reports about the Future, Relationships, and Personal Development to engage your users on your website or app.