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Astrology API

Do you want complete control over the selling process and process your own payments?

 If yes, then our direct Astrology API option is for you.   You design and create the sales process and we deliver the end product.

Your developers make a simple request to our Astrology API which returns a unique link for you to pass onto your end customer.  When making your request you provide us with as much or as little birth details as you have collected.

When your end customer visits the special link, they will be offered the chance to complete or correct the birth details.   We validate these for you and then present your company branded report.

Inside each report is the ability for your customer to correct mistakes in their birth details minimizing customer service issues.

Every report and special package are available via the API.

We deliver all products instantly, in either HTML or PDF versions.

To fully explore a live version of our API, sign up for a free test account here: 

Products available via Astrology API:

Astrology Reports

Free Sample Astrology Reports

Promotional Reports