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Horoscope Feeds

Reading a Daily Horoscope in a Newspaper
Available in JSON, RSS, XML Feeds

Add horoscope content via our Horoscope API to your website, iOS, Android apps – choose from a wide selection of daily, weekly, & monthly horoscope feeds below.

You can display the latest horoscopes on your website or app with our horoscope feeds. It works with any platform, device, or network and lets you choose the text length you need. For example, you can get 160-character horoscopes for SMS and mobile apps.

Written by professional astrologers.

Test any of our horoscope feeds for free, let us know which you’d like to try.

Horoscope API Content

Click on any Daily, Weekly or Monthly link to view current horoscope feed content.

Style & TopicDailyWeeklyMonthly
general horoscopes Chatty Style – General Daily Feed (A1)Weekly Feed (A2)Monthly Feed (A3)
love horoscopesChatty Style – LoveDaily Feed (AL1)Weekly Feed (AL2)Monthly Feed (AL3)
general horoscopes Astro Style – GeneralDaily Feed (B1)Weekly Feed (B2)Monthly Feed (B3)
love horoscopesAstro Style – Love & RomanceDaily Feed (C1)Weekly Feed (C2)Monthly Feed (C3)
money horoscopesAstro Style – Money & FinanceDaily Feed (D1)Weekly Feed (D2)Monthly Feed (D3)
career horoscopesAstro Style – Career & WorkDaily Feed (E1)Weekly Feed (E2)Monthly Feed (E3)
general horoscopes Friendly Style – GeneralDaily Feed (U1)Weekly Feed (U2)Monthly Feed (U3)
love horoscopesFriendly Style – LoveDaily Feed (UL1)Weekly Feed (UL2)Monthly Feed (UL3)
career horoscopesFriendly Style – WorkDaily Feed (UW1)Weekly Feed (UW2)Monthly Feed (UW3)
health horoscopesFriendly Style – Health & FitnessDaily Feed (UHF1)Weekly Feed (UHF2)Monthly Feed (UHF3)
Female Horoscopes Friendly Style – WomanDaily Feed (UWO1)
love horoscopesFriendly Style – Erotic Love SinglesDaily Feed (UELS1)
love horoscopesFriendly Style – Erotic Love CouplesDaily Feed (UELC1)
SMS HoroscopesFriendly Style – SMS GeneralDaily Feed (USMS1)Weekly Feed (USMS2)
SMS HoroscopesFriendly Style – SMS Erotic Love SinglesDaily Feed (UELSSMS1)
SMS HoroscopesFriendly Style – Erotic Love CouplesDaily Feed (UELCSMS1)
Chinese ZodiacChinese ZodiacWeekly Feed (CZ2)Monthly Feed (CZ3)
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How to Access Horoscope Feeds?

You can display Zodiac Signs separately or on a single page.

WordPress Plugin available for easy access via simple shortcodes to drop horoscopes straight into your WordPress site.

You can access the content via JSON, XML, and RSS.

Horoscope content is always delivered in advance.

For Daily Horoscopes, you can display Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Ideas to enrich your project/service with our Horoscope Content.

We provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for different zodiac signs. You can use Horoscope Feeds on your website, mobile app, or social media to attract and engage your audience with personalized and relevant content. Here are some ways to use Horoscope Feeds on different platforms:

  • On your website, you can embed our Horoscope Feed as a widget or a banner on your homepage, sidebar, or footer. You can also create a dedicated page for horoscopes where your visitors can select their sign and read their predictions. You can customize the look and feel of the horoscope content to match your website’s design and branding.
  • On your mobile app, you can integrate horoscopes as a feature or a notification. You can send your users push notifications with their daily horoscope or prompt them to open the app and check their weekly or monthly horoscope. You can also create a section in your app where users can browse through different horoscopes and share them with their friends.
  • On your social media, you can post horoscopes as a content or a story. You can create engaging posts with catchy headlines and images that showcase the horoscopes for different signs. You can also use stories to highlight the most interesting or surprising predictions for the day, week, month, or year. You can encourage your followers to comment, like, and share your posts and stories with their network.

We can deliver engaging content in easy to consume formats for all platforms.