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Astrology & Tarot Sites

Astrology and Tarot readings provide you with top-quality interpretations. Incorporate free personalized samples instantly displayed on-screen for your lead generation. Keep visitors returning. Create extra revenue streams. Displaying professionally written free content generates leads and recurring sales income.

Offer a comprehensive range of Astrology and Tarot Forecasts, Profiles, and Relationship Readings.

Spiritual Guidance

Free personalized Astrology reports featuring Karma and healing, past lives, and soulmates interpretations. Soulful content keeps mindful visitors coming back. An attractive presentation of Birth Charts and planetary data validate the readings on offer.

You can easily add attractive deals to your specialist website or app. Grow your user base with our unique lead generation products. Then offer discounted Astrology and Tarot report Packages.

Add our Astrology & Tarot Store to your Site

A White Label Astrology store provides your own branded Astrology and Tarot readings for your website or App. Amazingly easy and customizable making it simple to add to your site.

Running a WordPress or WooCommerce Astrology site? Then add our WooCommerce Astrology & Tarot report plugin.

Extra content for your site / app:

Offer daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes in multiple languages and topics.