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What can Horoscope Services do for you?

Deliver entertaining Horoscope & Astrology content for your website or App.

Horoscope Content

Select from various daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes and personalized astrology reports about life, relationships, and the Future. Delivered via our Horoscope API.

English Horoscope Feeds
30+ Language Horoscope Feeds

Selling Astrology Reports

Expand your sales revenue stream by offering a variety of personalized astrology reports.

Range of Astrology Report Covers
Mobile App Promotional Astrology Content

Promotional Reports

Choose from a selection of personalized branded reports to give away—ideal for psychic, dating, and charity websites.

Selling Tarot Readings

Offer intriguing Tarot readings from our Tarot API, providing your users a variety of tarot readings.

Tarot API

White Label Store

Ready-Made stores for you to customize, deliver personalized readings straight away.

DIY White Label Astrology

You can create branded web pages using embeddable order forms.

WooCommerce Plugin

Add astrology & tarot report sales to your WooCommerce WordPress store.

Astrology API

Astrology API

Take your own payments and have full control over the sales process.

Direct access to our range of astrology content

Email Marketing

Automated delivery of follow-up sales and report promotions. Included with the Ready-made and DIY White Label Store options.

Zero API setup costs

The Astrology API Web Service has simple revenue share options. A White Label Astrology and Tarot Store is accessible to Horoscope subscribers. Learn More

High Earning Revenue Share

Earn up to 60% revenue share of net sales with White Label Astrology. Earn even more through our Astrology API Web Service with the volume discount scheme. Learn More

Experienced Astrology Authors

We provide a comprehensive range of Personalized Astrology and Tarot reports written by experienced authors. Learn More

Customer Support

Includes supporting astrology report customer questions and refunds.

Account Management

Secure administration Center. Details revenue share and integration options.

Let us provide all your Horoscope Content

Whether you have an existing Astrology website or App or want to enhance your brand, our powerful platform helps your business grow. Offer a wide selection of unique content to your visitors.