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Entrepreneurs Build Your Business

We have all you need to entertain and keep visitors returning. Increase revenue streams. Driving traffic to your specialist website or app. Then, create new profits using our unique tools.

Create a recurring income

Increase traffic to your apps or websites. We supply the tools you need to generate sales revenue. You provide the desire to succeed. Firstly, world-class horoscopes, astrology, and tarot reports. Plus, our tested reliability supports this personalized content. Specialist reports provide content needed to build sales funnels.

Get started with no set-up costs

Choose from three sales platforms:

Want to design and create your landing pages? We provide all the code you need with options 2 and 3.

  1. Ready-made Astrology and Tarot Store.
  2. DIY Product Forms let you design your web pages.
  3. Astrology API enables you to design and create your pages and take your funds.

Create Sales Funnels

Astrology Web Service API allows you to create your own sales funnels. Design high converting landing pages with a choice of content you want to provide.

Earn a generous revenue share

As users progress through our sales funnels, they can buy or try one of the many discounted packages on offer.

You’ll earn money every time a user buys a report, special deal, or package. Also, all forecast purchasers get requested to reorder. Customers receive follow-up emails offering the range of services your store offers.

Store Upgrades and Additional Reports included

There are no set-up costs or hidden fees. Instead, we continuously improve our content to keep your visitors engaged.

Stay updated with your sales figures

We realize the importance of knowing how your traffic is behaving in real-time. Therefore, we provide instant access to all the report sales you need to understand your traffic’s activity.

We pay our partners every four weeks

Our Readymade and DIY stores display all report pricing in the user’s local currency. Prompt delivery and report accuracy ensure acceptance rates are high. Also, refunds are minimal.