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WooCommerce Astrology & Tarot Plugin

We have a complete range of Astrology readings you can offer from your WordPress website. Astrology & Tarot Reports.

We have free personalized sample readings as well as discounted bundles of reports you can use as part of a marketing funnel for the best sales results.

Universally popular Astrology reports can be offered alongside other products in your WooCommerce store.

They can be used as promotional gifts or as incentives when your clients purchase other higher-value products from your store.

You can easily set up and sell personalized astrology readings and related packages with our own branded WooCommerce plugins.

You can choose to use our Word Press plugin to incorporate daily horoscopes as a lead magnet to engage and keep your visitors returning.

Included Features:

Collect all Payments

Our plugin supports all WooCommerce payment options

Automatic Delivery

Our plugin connects to our servers and delivers your orders without input

Admin Site

Track your sales.

Full Integration

Plugin works directly with your WordPress Site.

New Products

New Products easy to add to WooCommerce.


Can I change the prices?

Yes, you have full control over pricing and running special offers with WooCommerce. You can create coupons in WooCommerce to help with marketing campaigns.

Tell me about customer service.

Your customers can easily update their readings if their birth details need to be adjusted. Any payment questions will be handled by you.

Can I export a list of emails?

Yes, depending on your selected plan.

Adding Astrology & Tarot products to your WooCommerce store is simple

Total Time: 30 minutes

Install the plugin

Plugin installs intro WooCommerce / WordPress in the normal way.

Configure the plugin

We provide you with credentials to identify your store to our API. Copy and paste these details.

Import Astrology & Tarot Products

Pick and choose which products you want to sell in your WooCommerce Store.
Sales text and product images are imported as a draft for you to edit. You have full control over the layout and text on your site using standard WooCommerce & WordPress features.

Ready to add Astrology & Tarot Reports to your WooCommerce Store?

Alternative Sales Systems:

Ready-Made Store : Set up your new store to match the color scheme of your website. Get selling quickly.

DIY Product Forms : Embed order forms inside your existing site. Provides a more seamless integration and keeps visitors inside your existing site.

Astrology API : Recommended if you want to take your own payments and have full control over the sales process.