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Company History

Stardm Ltd – Founded in May 2007

Managing Director Eric Biss originally studied Advertising and Marketing at London’s College for the Distributive Trades. After graduating he spent a year working in Advertising as a Media Executive. It was in 1986 that Eric first became involved with astrology, first studying astrology with Roy Gillett, now President of the Astrological Association, then together with Roy opening the Astrological Advice Bureau, an organisation which supplied astrological software and computers to professional astrologers including Jonathan Cainer, as well as creating specially written promotional astrology reports about Love & Romance for the publishers Mills & Boon.

In 1990 Eric setup Magic Space Promotions which continued to supply specialist software to astrologers as well as provide specially written personalised astrology reports, as promotions notably for the Sunday Express.

Stardm now collaborates with well known authors and astrologers in the UK and throughout the world. Chris Nelis, Stardm’s Director of Programing has developed a unique automated astrology delivery system that provides astrology reports, daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes with an API, in many language versions for a diverse number of commercial web sites, social media platforms as well as mobile and tablet applications.