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WordPress Horoscope Plugin

Are you looking for a way to add some astrological flair to your website? Do you want to offer your visitors personalized insights based on their zodiac signs? If so, you might be interested in our WordPress horoscope plugin!

Our plugin allows you to access and display horoscopes on many topics, including General, Love, Money, Work, Health & Fitness. You can choose from various styles and formats to suit your website’s design and theme. You can also customize the frequency and duration of the horoscopes, from daily to monthly.

But that’s not all. Our plugin also supports 30+ different languages, so you can reach a global audience with your horoscope content. Whether you want to offer horoscopes in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, or any other language, our plugin can handle it.

Our WordPress horoscope plugin is easy to install and use. You just need to activate it from your dashboard and configure the settings according to your preferences. Then, you can use a shortcode or a widget to display the horoscopes on your website. It’s that simple!

If you want to give your website a unique and engaging feature that will attract and retain visitors, our WordPress horoscope plugin is the perfect solution. Contact us today to arrange a demo feed.

See the whole range of horoscope feeds our WordPress Horoscope Plugin can access.

How to Install & Use the WordPress Horoscope Plugin

This is a guide only, some features may look different on your version of WordPress

This plugin allows you to paste code (WordPress shortcodes) into your pages and swap the code with the content for you.

Installing the Horoscope Plugin into WordPress

  1. Download the plugin from the link provided in your demo email (Don’t unzip the file.)
  2. From the Add Plugins section of your WordPress site
    Upload WordPress Horoscope Plugin
  3. Select Upload Plugin
  4. Locate and upload the file you downloaded
  5. Activate the Plugin
    Activate WordPress Horoscope Plugin

Horoscope Shortcodes

Copy an example below and paste it into your page exactly where you want the content to appear.

In each example you will see FEED=”1234567” change 1234567 with the feed ID that has been provided in your setup email. 

The feed id will change for each kind of horoscope you have.  Love Daily Horoscopes will have a different feed ID to Weekly for example.

Simple Examples


[Stardm FEED=”1234567” SIGN=”ALL” TYPE=”D”]


[Stardm FEED=”1234567” SIGN=”ALL” TYPE=”W”]


[Stardm FEED=”1234567” SIGN=”ALL” TYPE=”M”]

Zodiac Sign Selection

You can customize the output and control which sign you select by adding the following options:
SIGN: Single Sign number, 1 to 12 Zodiac signs

LEO (5)

OR Display them all at once with ALL.

Example: 2
Example: ALL

DAY:   Pick the date for Daily Feeds 

Example:   Yesterday

TYPEDaily, Weekly, Monthly

Options, D, W, M

Example:  D

LASTUsed in weekly and monthly horoscopes.   Set to 1 for last week/month.

Example:  1

NEXTUsed in weekly and monthly horoscopes.   Set to 1 for next week/month.

Example:  1

HIDENAME:   Hide Sign names use to stop Aries, Taurus etc being included with the content.

Example: 1

INCDATE:   Adds the date of the content.

Example:  l d F Y     (Tuesday 29 January 2023)

Options to build your date format are standard PHP Date Formats

Daily Horoscope Short Code – Examples

For Taurus (2) and for today (type)

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ SIGN=”2″ DAY=”today” TYPE=”D”]

All 12 zodiac signs and for yesterday

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ SIGN=”ALL” DAY=”yesterday” TYPE=”D”]

Weekly Horoscope Short Code – Examples

Weekly for Pisces (12)

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ sign=”12″ TYPE=”W”]

Last Week for All Signs

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ sign=”ALL” TYPE=”W” LAST=”1″]

Monthly Horoscope Short Code – Examples

Monthly Feed for Gemini (3)

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ sign=”3″ TYPE=”M”]

Next Monthly for Virgo (6)

[Stardm FEED=”1234567″ sign=”6″ TYPE=”M” NEXT=1]

Troubleshooting – Clearing the horoscope cache

This procedure removes any temporary horoscopes stored on your WordPress site. If we request you clear the cache, it will ensure you get a fresh copy of the horoscopes. 

Normally, you won’t ever need to do this.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. In the top admin bar, click on the link “Clear Horoscope Cache.”
  3. You will get a message confirming the cache has been cleared.