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Chinese Zodiac Weekly Horoscopes

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Week starting 25th September


If you are tempted to take a leadership role in addressing an injustice, good for you, and it is only prudent that you consider the impact this may have on the rest of your life. You may come across a lot stronger than you intend right now.


Really good financial news will take the edge off someone's criticism of your personality or appearance right now. You may be tempted to tell someone to get stuffed, but that might not be a good idea. You and your partner could disagree about a dinner party invitation.


Keep that financial power under control. While your energies are hot in this sector you could overheat and that means over-extending yourself before you are ready. Don't spend the money before it is in your hands. Try to focus on your goals for the future, and on some recent good fortune you have had financially.


Someone is going to push back if you try to share your spiritual or religious beliefs right now. It is an excellent day to pursue your own spiritual goals, but not a good day to seek out fellowship, nor to share your beliefs with others. Preach only to the choir right now.


There might be arguments about which movie to watch, where or whether to go out, and what to do this evening. It's not the end of the world if you don't go together, if the schedules are not compatible. You can catch up on your quality time soon enough.


After the challenges of the past few days it will come as welcome news that right now's energy is a lot more positive. You will be getting good news from friends, siblings or neighbors who will help you into a much better frame of mind.


You want to improve your shot at getting a promotion or a plum assignment, but if you think you can do that with a last-minute crash course, think again. You may need longer than you have to prepare your research. You may have to beg more time for your deadlines.


You may be asked by a local group, club or charity to take on a leadership role, and while the opportunity may actually be an excellent one, this is not your best day to give an impromptu off the cuff speech. Be sure that you are well prepared before speaking out at all right now.


You went and spent yourself silly recently, didn't you? If you didn't, you may be feeling a little frustrated because you want to go shopping more than ever. Whatever you do, don't give into the urge to splurge, leve your credit cards at home.


You may find that you have some extra time soon. Remember to set aside some extra time for yourself for rest and re-creation. Your spare energy stores need a recharge. You may want to consider a short trip or weekend getaway soon.


You have a serious "look" about you right now, but where it comes to adventure you are all fun and games. You may be starting up a serious sporting event or club in your community, and could take a leadership role in your social circle.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role right now. People are really eager to hear what you have to say. Your own thinking may not be the clearest, but you have thus uncanny ability to say just what other folks are thinking.

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