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Compact Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – F2

Week starting 27th November


You may feel under the weather right now, but you will push yourself ahead anyway because there is a good opportunity for money to be made. You may get into power struggles with employers or subordinates, though - if you are on the upper rung of the ladder, practice patience.


You may have an opportunity to build your financial future with the quiet assistance of someone who wears a uniform. You may have to visit some kind of zoning, taxation or real-estate authority right now, and while it's out of your way, and the experience is a bit of a nuisance, you will ultimately find that there is real value to be had.


Opportunities are flowing from information or education that came to you this weekend. You will find yourself in a position of authority because of knowledge or information you have sought out on your own. Travel plans will bring interesting opportunities.


You may be frustrated right now as your creative abilities are a little blocked. You might try thinking out your ideas on paper or set up brainstorming session so that you can break through. An intuition could lead you to a good shopping bargain or "found" money.


You need to get out and have a little fun, and the best way right now is to get together with a huge group of friends and associates. You are long overdue to be the one to throw the party. It's your turn - a big potluck could be just the ticket - and it's affordable too.


Your intuition remains sharp, but it's your house, home or family who take the lion's share of your attention right now. You might feel moved to make improvements to or expand your home. If you are a parent, you might be considering adding another branch to the family tree soon.


Take some time to back up your computer, cell phone and any other electronic devices you may have, especially if you are upgrading hardware or software right now. If you are purchasing something new, double check all the terms and conditions.


Some extra time may free up, but that does not automatically mean you need to fill it with a list of chores. You could use a little guilt-free recreation time. If you need permission, tell your inner child your astrologer said that you have astral approval.


You are having a classic "he said, she said" moment. It is probably more like "they said" because there is more than one critical voice whispering in your ears or tongue wagging behind your back. Ignore the gossips and stick with your own plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions.


You are likely to get unexpected news or information for or about your partner right now that will knock you for a loop at first. After you recover your composure though, you'll enjoy the big surprise. There is a lucky break coming that will improve your love life.


You'll find that you are suddenly in great demand in your career. If you work on the lower end of the pay scale, this could translate to extra hours or a small bonus for your hard work. If you are self-employed, this likely means more business or client interest.


If you have been putting off that home-based business you have been considering, right now is the day you may find a new technological toy that makes the concept more practical or workable. You may be considering adding a web site to your list of "must haves".

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