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English Work Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of November


You can finally relax again at work. It has probably been a rather hectic time but Jupiter now has a more positive influence on your sun; you'll regain the overview and have a chance to do things in a more relaxed way. It is possible that you are being approached by interesting people in your professional life with whom you need to try to establish good relationships.

That way you might soon rise in the hierarchy.


This month is characterized by agreement and helpfulness at the office. If you have to tackle tricky assignments you will not have to wait long for the support of your colleagues. Remember that if you are being asked for help sometime.

You might even make new contacts soon that turn out to be highly important for your professional development.


Thanks to the favourable constellation of Jupiter and the sun there is a spirit of optimism at work. If you have experienced past times as rather dull or hectic it is now time to take a deep breath and start new projects. There is a pleasant ambience at work - and even nice contacts afterwards.


You get along very well with your colleagues and superiors at the moment; this creates a highly pleasant working atmosphere for you. Intensify these contacts if possible, stay attentive and helpful. You will not only get a lot of praise; people will remember you and your kind behaviour in case you need the help of others sometime.


You can achieve outstanding results – if you manage to hold back at the right time since you are quite impatient and tend to act hastily. Under the influence of your Jupiter-sun constellation you also have a tendency to be wasteful. Sooner than you think you will have already lost what you had just gained.

As long as you behave carefully though you can prevent this from happening.


The influence that Jupiter has on your life is of a very pleasant nature. You will realize your great creative potential and are able to use your skills in the best way. In case you have been longing for a change at work for some time, now you have the opportunity.

You can take on new jobs at work in no time. Your ambition will give you the necessary motivation.


You are optimistic and have great faith in your own ability. Many things are now within your reach, and you don't even have to make big sacrifices for them. The only problem is - you need to know what you can really expect of yourself.

Your exaggerated self-confidence will quickly tempt you to overstep your practical limits – and in that case you won't achieve anything at all.


You shouldn't always try to work alone. Especially right now there are many opportunities for teamwork which might lead to unexpected successful outcomes. In this way you can take part in projects which you couldn't do on your own.

It's important that everyone keeps their feet on the ground and engages in the group – this applies especially to you.


There is a great chance to improve your career. It's more important than ever that you remain concentrated so as not to mess things up before you reach your goal. Don't feel too sure of yourself, but rather check twice before presenting your work results.

Be attentive and correct towards colleagues – arrogance or reluctance gives the advantage to potential competitors.


Your high level of mental flexibility makes your work a lot easier. You are extremely interested in ideas which differ from the usual ones and are able to use them in productive ways. In addition you are great in thinking in linked-up ways and are able to effectively coordinate procedures.

All that makes you an excellent team leader – you should look for tasks which match your talents.


Caution is recommended with regard to your constellation of Jupiter and the sun. You probably experience a real emotional roller coaster ride at work in the coming days. The more amicable and pleasant your relations with others are one day, the less satisfying they could turn out to be the next.

Try to act in a cool-headed way and pay extra attention to your choice of words.


Jupiter has a positive influence on your sun. Everything goes like clockwork at work this month. You work smoothly with your colleagues and might even be granted one or two compliments from your boss.

You receive excellent support on difficult assignments; you should remember this if he or she needs help from others at one time or another.

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