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English Work Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – EN-W3

Month of April


Life is easy now. You do your work well without any particular effort. You have a very relaxed relationship with your colleagues and will receive a lot of support.

You have the possibility to recruit others for your own purposes – but be careful making use of it. Whoever feels used by you will stop supporting you quickly.


Thanks to the beneficial interaction of Jupiter and the sun you are able to master everything you start. Even very ambitious goals are within your reach. You feel as if you could do whatever you want to – and this makes you somewhat careless.

Be a little more down to earth; that way you protect yourself from unnecessary mistakes. This is particularly important when it comes to your finances as you might miscalculate at times.


You are well-positioned at work. You are on good terms with your bosses and are able to showcase yourself and your excellent achievements. As you show a high level of competence you will not have to wait long for your career to improve.

However, take some time to give some thought to where you want to go. Once you have defined your ambitions you will be able to use the window of opportunity much better.


The favourable constellation of Jupiter and your sun sees to it that all difficulties and complications that are in store for you can be overcome. You go about it so skilfully and energetically that it starts dawning on you what you are actually capable of and what else you could do. Furthermore, you will receive money from unexpected sources – nevertheless stay conservative concerning your finances for the time being.


In the coming weeks you'll be involved in quite a few conflicts. It can be a dispute with colleagues, but also a lawsuit is possible. Remain cool-headed no matter how complicated the situation seems to be.

Don't show off your wounded honour, but rather show yourself ready for compromises. In this way you'll be able to solve the problem much more quickly and make a good impression on impartial observers.


In your job you are literally brimming over with creative ideas which will make work very pleasant in the coming weeks. You carry out your tasks easily and are even able to pass some of your energy on to others. You shouldn't deliberate too long about buying things for your apartment, but just listen to your gut feeling and go for it.


Tensions at work are possible in the coming weeks. Your ideas and suggestions are not always welcome. There might even be some envy amongst your colleagues who show their aggression repeatedly.

Show these colleagues some tolerance and understanding and avoid arrogant flights of fancy; you can defuse one or two situations like that.


The coming weeks will allow for clear thinking which makes you very goal oriented and consistent. You always know how to approach upcoming problems and how to solve even the most difficult tasks. Remain open and tolerant to differing opinions.

You might easily get a reputation for being self-opinionated and arrogant.


Do not let yourself be drawn out even though your colleagues are really hard to take at the moment. You are likely to get into stressful situations that are mostly unnecessary in the coming weeks. Therefore try to act diplomatically and as an arbitrator so that good relationships at work aren't spoilt for silly reasons.


In the coming weeks you can really get going in your job. Not only do you like your work, but you also get things done easily. In case you have been postponing important work-related decisions, now is the time to finally do this and follow up on them.

Small rewards every now and then are worth it.


You're being put through your paces at work and tested a lot at the moment. However, no-one wants to put obstacles in your way but wants to give you new opportunities. Take advantage of any situation you see as a chance.

You are headed in the right direction; do not let yourself get led astray by those who are jealous and always be fair in dealing with others.


You are about to experience a period full of opportunity and optimism. If you really want to you can excel yourself. Jupiter and the sun will bolster you; even idealistic goals are within your reach now.

Take it step by step and do things carefully. You have the patience and fighting spirit to see this thing through.

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