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Erotic Love Couple Daily Horoscopes

Feed – UEC1

Friday 9th February


Your sex life is dominated by two things: passion and harmony. In your intimate moments, you like your partner to take control and give you special treatment. Remember to "conquer" them on occasion, and not act in such a passive way. Show them how eager you are.


Cuddling, caressing and those small tokens of love mean much more to than sexual acrobatics. Your partner enjoys your taking time for them and not feeling obligated to trying out those positions. Why not spoil each other with even more erotic and sensual caresses? Let your imagination do the rest.


Everyone knows that you love to be spoiled in every possible way, but don't be too lazy. Show your partner how much you appreciate them. They might be irritated by your sexual fantasies, but don't be concerned or change your mind - your partner is more likely to be amazed and thrilled by the candor you show in the end.


Your partner has been turning on the charm and teasing you with sexually charged suggestive behavior. Both of you are waiting with anticipation for your erotic coming together. Show your partner just how much you desire to make love and drive them wild with a long-lasting deep erotic massage!


Do you constantly think of your partner, indulging in erotic and lustful thoughts? If you do then they're probably thinking in the same way about you! Your sex life is full of unusual variations for you to share and experience together - you discover exciting positions and deviations. Can it get any better than this?


Your passion is at a low ebb. In fact, you want to be left alone. If your partner is more pleasure-oriented and keen for sex, things could get difficult. Don't let yourself be pushed into activities you don't like doing. Your partner will have to be patient and content with some alternative choices for the time being.


High-flying sexual adventures aren't on your agenda. Instead of passion, you feel like something straightforward. Grab your partner and get to bed. You do without that silly underwear and absurd attempts at strange positions. Right now what you need is down-to-earth delight.


You feel like trying new unusual love games – flexible and acrobatic positions from the Kama Sutra or certain types of leather accessories. Go ahead and do it - your partner will play along. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't completely satisfy you. Sophisticated techniques need a lot of practice and where sex is concerned, practice makes perfect.


For you, a relationship has to be full of affectionate cuddles and sighs. Since you feel so secure in your relationship you could try something more daring. For instance, let your other half cover your eyes with a smooth silk scarf, then let them take control. Perhaps this is as good as it gets.


Being totally passive is a great treat and thrill for you. Just the thought of giving yourself up totally to your partner really gets you excited. Let your partner do what they want with you. Whether it's an uncontrolled quickie in an exotic location, or being tied up and blindfolded - if you join in and show enthusiasm, you'll enjoy it.


Sex is good with your partner. You are uncomplicated and self-assured and give them pleasure effectively, especially when they are feeling a bit nervous or clumsy. You're always ready to give a helping hand. Take your time and show them how you want to be touched, in those special places. Then reverse roles.


You and your partner can't get enough of each other and this shows. There'll be no dull moments, either in bed or anywhere else. Do you feel like a threesome? Tell your partner about your secret fantasy - they might want to do it too and surprise you with who they suggest to tempt you!

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