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Erotic Love Couple Daily Horoscopes

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Monday 25th September


The normal routine you go through with your partner is full of sexual innuendo, acted out in somewhat shy and timid ways. Initially it is an effort but the rewards are all the more intense. When you finally make love, the enjoyment is all the greater. Use your lips, hands and tongue to satisfy your lover's every desire!


It's all systems go for your sex life. There'll be variety and passion available for you and your partner to enjoy and you'll find new ways to turn each other on. There are no taboos between you and you'll have no qualms about experimenting with erotic new ideas and delightful sensual games. Don't wait too long to be asked.


Both you and your partner can expect exciting times full of passion and desire. An impetuous love-making escapade or long nights in rapture - anytime and anywhere is OK. Surprise your partner with an erotic candlelight dinner. The first item on the menu is bubbling champagne, drunk from your lover's navel.


Your partner might be giving you funny looks. Why are you indulging in all this teasing? No worries, though - your weird behavior has a positive side-effect - great sex! What's more, both of you end up satisfied and are impatient for the next time you make love again!


Egotism is on your mind and if you had your way sex would be a more frequent! You have an almost magical, magnetic attraction for your partner, and they are just as wild about you. You love trying out different positions. What's it to be? Hard or soft, the kitchen table or on the stairs? Use your imagination!


You don't feel like sex on the spur of the moment. It's become routine, and quickies no longer interest you. You prefer to take your time. Spend romantic hours with your partner, surrounded by the right music and perfumed oils. Start off with a massage and then use your own body to enrapture your partner. The more time you take, the more excitement there is.


You're a big success at social gatherings. Take advantage and play a little game with your partner: by ignoring them and unashamedly flirt with others in the group. As soon as the evenings over, you'll be so hot for each other that you won't be able to wait. A note of caution: arrange it in advance, so there's no jealous scenes.


Don't be surprised when your sex life isn't that thrilling. Instead of faking the passion, say what you really need. Since you're finding it hard to assert yourself anyway, this won't be an easy task. If you make the effort, it'll be worth it. Life is too short for bad sex.


You feel a sense of deep inner peace and are calm and strong. Your partner recognizes how great a lover you are. You have the skills to give them more than just one climax. When your partner joins in, there are no bounds to the pleasure you experience. You should really be spending most of your hours in bed having the time of your life.


Lucky you – you're able to fulfil those wildest fantasies! Tell your partner your most secret desires. Don't be shy - they will be more inclined to agree than you thought. You both enjoy turning each other on with the right words. After seductive word-play, you know what comes next.


Discretion isn't exactly your strong point. Your tendency to gossip about your sexual escapades can cause unnecessary trouble. It's obvious that your partner won't be happy about it. You wouldn't like it either if everyone knew what you blurted out in the heat of passion. It would be better to restrain yourself before any awkward problems arise.


You and your partner are getting along fine in the love-making department. Allow yourself to be spoiled by them. Now and then let your lover show you what they want. Don't be too submissive - a dominant style can be very erotic too!

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