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Erotic Love Couple Daily Horoscopes

Feed – UEC1

Tuesday 16th July


Even if you and your partner are sexually active, what you get up to may be the same and the bedroom where most of your love-making action takes place. Be more adventurous and thrilling by making the most of your time together and truly learn to appreciate each other's stamina and sensitivity.


Plenty of action indicates your lover is crazy about your passionate love-making and is regularly driven to the heights of ecstasy. They show their appreciation by responding with intense desire. It's an even greater reward for your lover to know they don't always have to make the first move.


Your personal life is full of excitement and sensuality. Don't be surprised if your partner grabs hold of you when you walk through the door and makes love to you on the spot. You might think of an artful response yourself. Wear something sexy, dab on some heady cologne or take a bubble bath together. Let things develop from there!


You don't feel like sex on the spur of the moment. It's become routine, and quickies no longer interest you. You prefer to take your time. Spend romantic hours with your partner, surrounded by the right music and perfumed oils. Start off with a massage and then use your own body to enrapture your partner. The more time you take, the more excitement there is.


Fed up with just dreaming about the ideal scenario for making love. Let your more inventive erotic thoughts take over for a while. Talk it over with your lover and make that overly familiar feeling disappear. You feel more adventurous. Things look good for a night of passion - lusty action combined with tender love.


You feel like trying new unusual love games – flexible and acrobatic positions from the Kama Sutra or certain types of leather accessories. Go ahead and do it - your partner will play along. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't completely satisfy you. Sophisticated techniques need a lot of practice and where sex is concerned, practice makes perfect.


For you, a relationship has to be full of affectionate cuddles and sighs. Since you feel so secure in your relationship you could try something more daring. For instance, let your other half cover your eyes with a smooth silk scarf, then let them take control. Perhaps this is as good as it gets.


Lucky you – you're able to fulfil those wildest fantasies! Tell your partner your most secret desires. Don't be shy - they will be more inclined to agree than you thought. You both enjoy turning each other on with the right words. After seductive word-play, you know what comes next.


You are not in the mood to hurry, but rather prefer to go for relaxed, smooth enjoyment. Make this clear to your partner: your body is a playground - show them where the greatest fun is to be had. A really great orgasm needs to be well prepared. One thing's for sure: your lover wants to do the same for you.


You and your partner are getting along fine in the love-making department. Allow yourself to be spoiled by them. Now and then let your lover show you what they want. Don't be too submissive - a dominant style can be very erotic too!


Pleasure is your second name! The flip side is that you're only thinking of your own needs during love-making and neglecting those of your partner. Give them a surprise with a delicious erotic treat or buy some sex toys to drive them wild. There are no limits to this kind of enjoyment.


It's all systems go for your sex life. There'll be variety and passion available for you and your partner to enjoy and you'll find new ways to turn each other on. There are no taboos between you and you'll have no qualms about experimenting with erotic new ideas and delightful sensual games. Don't wait too long to be asked.

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