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Erotic Love Singles Daily Horoscopes

Feed – ULS4

Thursday 18th April


Your thoughts are focused and revolve around your next erotic adventure. Your sexual magnetism is a sure guarantee of success. You're seductive flirting gets positive reactions. Anywhere is the right place for those inviting looks – whilst shopping or in the café. Who knows? Your next night of love-making is closer than you think!


You simply can't wait for your next passionate night of love-making. You're charged up all the time and thinking of only one thing. The outlook is good - you're flirtatious and always getting into promising situations. Your chances of having another amorous affair is almost guaranteed.


You're the perfect lover. You do everything right, the way your partner wants it; passionate, intense or dream-like fantasy. When they're drooling and undone with pleasure, that's only the beginning. Be generous with your talents and maybe experiment with more than one partner. Fast adventures give the biggest kick.


You feel like having a hot affair. Well, go ahead! You have enough opportunities for getting close to someone. Take the decision and set up the situation. Take care, though. You might feel flattered and get ahead of yourself in your erotic fantasies, but end up being left lonely and dissatisfied instead.


Is there someone you'd like to seduce? If so, go out and get them! Your powers of persuasion are high and there is no better opportunity for achieving sexual satisfaction and giving pleasure to another. You're able to discover if the object of your passion is as good in bed as you thought. They might turn out to be a disappointment.


Less is more. If you overdo the sex - and you are - you'll lose interest in it. The mere thought of naked flesh will turn you off. Slow down a little and spend the evening alone on the couch. Satisfy the senses by eating some of your favorite snacks.


Your sexual impulses are getting stronger. If you need to have sex be aware that in the heat of the moment, things happen fast, and with a drink or two you might lose track of things. If you do not want to wake up next to someone who is not your type, keep a cool head and be careful about who you get involved with.


Your life is complicated. You have plenty of admirers, but no time for them. When you do manage to get going, you become sex-obsessed. You find it difficult to stop, even if it's no fun anymore. Show some restraint, otherwise this lack of sensitivity might turn you off sex altogether.


Looking your best is no problem for you. You feel attractive and incredibly sexy – all possible partners have taken note! At any gathering you're the center of attention and easily get into intimate conversations. Flirting this way may well result in a fantastic night of passion!


On the metro, in the supermarket or at the cocktail bar, no matter when - your flirtatious ways are sure to succeed. Your list of contact numbers is increasing and so are the chances of a red-hot encounter. Try not to give in to every temptation, or a difficult situation with a "spurned" partner might arise.


You waste no time in talking. When your animal instincts are aroused, you go out on the prowl. When you scent your prey, there's no stopping you. You really feel like an erotic encounter and probably won't have to wait long for it. Make sure to define the boundaries of your connection, then enjoy a steamy night.


Erotic thoughts of love-making overtake you. The way things look, you should enjoy an encounter sometime soon. Dress up in your sexiest clothes and make yourself known. You'd be surprised at how many eager singles are out there waiting to get to know you. What are you waiting for?

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