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Love Chatty Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of June


From the 3rd, your communication skills will be on fire, so share heartfelt messages or cheeky confessions. From the 9th, passionate Mars turbocharges your confidence and self-esteem. If making a bold romantic move has felt daunting, it will get much easier! From the 17th, Venus blesses your emotional world, highlighting who or what makes you feel safe and cherished. Your home (or a family member) could play a significant role in love forming or flourishing this month!


From the 9th, passionate Mars graces your sign until July 20, showering you with a surge of energy sure to rev up your libido. Channel this zest in delightfully positive ways. Watch out for being too demanding or fiery—balance is key! From the 17th, Venus helps your words ooze with romance, making any poet green with envy! From the 29th until November, Saturn rewinds. This is your cue to review and plan anything related to travel, a distant love connection or both.


On the 6th, a New Moon in Gemini gives you a tailor-made fresh start. This is your cosmic green light to make passionate progress! Embrace this potent lunar energy and consider how others see you—make changes that add a sparkle to your charm. From the 17th, Venus gives love a more indulgent and luxurious vibe, so keep an eye on spending. Treating your special someone is fabulous, but remember, love forming or flourishing shouldn't rely on a price tag.


From the 9th, Mars spices up your friendships, social scene and long-term goals. Single? You'll have boundless energy to get out, meet, and mingle. Attached? Team up with your sweetheart to push a shared dream to new heights. From the 17th until July 11, love planet Venus graces your sign, boosting your allure and giving you a golden touch in matters of the heart. You and a special someone will see how irresistible you are when you let your youthful charm shine!


A New Moon on the 6th offers a fresh start with social interactions and long-term dreams. Single? You might find passionate potential in unexpected places. Attached? You and your partner could team up to achieve a shared goal. Venus is your secret ally from the 17th, influencing hidden thoughts and dreams. You're helped to reflect on your romantic past, releasing disappointments and emotional baggage. Get ready to move forward with a lighter heart and renewed passion!


From the 17th, Venus targets your social circle, networking and big dreams. Single? Strut your stuff and mingle! A platonic pal might turn into a passionate flame, or a chum could play Cupid. On the 21st, a Full Moon heralds a new romantic chapter; for some Virgos, there may be news about the pitter-patter of tiny feet! Saturn rewinds from the 29th until November, helping you plan and solidify relationships. Remember, good things take time, so don't rush romance!


From the 9th until July, libido-enhancing Mars influences deep sharing. A lover, partner or someone you want to be closer to in a flesh-on-flesh way will adore the X-rated vibe you bring to your bond! From the 17th, Venus influences your ambitions and reputation. Single? Love could form within your career - possibly with someone in authority. If you've wanted something more balanced or harmonious in a love connection, that could also happen from the 17th onward.


From the 9th, Mars supercharges one-on-one connections with an irresistible, fiery energy. Channel this positively—too much heat can spark confrontations. From the 17th, Venus influences mind-broadening adventures. If travel's on your agenda, expect an unexpected touch of luxury – or romance if you're single! On the 29th, Saturn rewinds until November, urging you to plan and prepare in matters of the heart. Remember - building strong, lasting love is always worth the wait!


On the 3rd, chatty Mercury lights up partnerships and long-term commitments until the 17th. Communication flows smoothly, so if you've avoided heart-to-heart chats with someone, this is an excellent time to have them. On the 6th, a New Moon offers a fresh start with relationships. Clear the air before then to fully embrace this clean-slate energy! From the 17th, Venus helps banish intimate inhibitions, transforming what felt uncomfortable into pure, guilt-free pleasure!


If June isn't memorable in matters of the heart, you will have worked hard to resist Cupid's charms! From the 9th, Mars ignites true love and heartfelt expression. See how courage replaces inhibitions. From the 17th, Venus blesses relationships, helping love form or flourish. The Full Moon on the 21st in your sign brings emotions to the surface, marking the end of one chapter and the start of another. You'll beam with pride as others admire a new, radiant you!


On the 6th, a New Moon lights up true love, bringing a fresh start and more leisure and pleasure into your world! From the 9th, Mars influences what makes you feel loved and secure. But be aware of how this abundant energy can spark confrontations, especially with family. From the 17th, Venus influences daily routines. Single? You might find love at work or during daily errands. Attached? Showing love subtly can work wonders and deepen your connection this month!


A New Moon on the 6th brings a new chapter with those closest to you, such as family and a lover or partner. Your perspective on security and stability might evolve, too. From the 9th, Mars fires up your thoughts and communication, but be mindful of being unintentionally confrontational. Venus blesses leisure, pleasure and life's finer things from the 17th until July 11. Anyone or anything that makes your heart race gets special support from the planet of love and comfort!

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