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Love Chatty Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of November


From the 8th until December 4, love planet Venus affects partnerships. So, one-to-one connections should feel more balanced and less edgy or confrontational. A New Moon on the 13th targets sexuality and concealed desires. Is there a tricky or touchy topic you want to discuss with someone special? Here's your chance! From the 24th until January, Mars influences the stuff adrenaline surges are made of. See what a brave step taken in the name of love brings!


Venus influences day-to-day routines from the 8th, so if you're single, the chances of meeting someone at work, in a gym or waiting room are high. Attached? More romantic and sexy fun awaits by adjusting daily schedules! A New Moon on the 13th brings a fresh start to your relationship world or a particular bond. As Mars heats sexuality and deep sharing from the 24th to January, if your libido isn't happier during this time, it will be because you deliberately deprive it!


From the 8th until December 4, Venus wants to work magic in your love life! To have the planet of love, comfort and heartfelt expression upping the romantic ante, the only way love will fail to form or flourish is if you're determined to avoid it. From the 24th until January, passionate Mars targets your relationships. You have abundant fiery energy to harness pleasurably. But Mars also loves to pick fights, so don't give it the pleasure of stirring trouble with any one-to-one connections!


From the 8th, Venus adds warmth to whatever or whoever makes you feel safe and secure. So, your home could provide an ideal setting for love to form or flourish. If a family member wants to play Cupid, let them! A New Moon on the 13th brings a fresh start to true love and heartfelt expression. Where (or with whom) do you want a clean slate? With Mars heating daily routines until January, you never know what passionate opportunities will arise as you go about your day!


With Venus affecting how you think and communicate until December, you could have “love on the mind” frequently. But, as you channel thoughts into words, try not to make too many poets jealous! A New Moon on the 13th illuminates what makes you feel secure. A change made to your home or within your family could work magic in your love life. But with passionate Mars affecting true love until January, matters of the heart become busier - and with more lust added!


Since June, Saturn has moved backward, affecting partnerships and commitments, granting you more freedom with one-to-one connections. On the 4th, Saturn moves forward. So, a sense of “I want to do this but can't” returns where you and someone are concerned. But Saturn will reward patience! Venus also influences your self-esteem, values and valuables until December. Gift-giving could feature more frequently, but token offerings will mean more than a hefty price tag.


Venus is at home in your sign from the 8th until December 4 and singles you out for more love, warmth and comfort, regardless of your relationship status. If you want to build upon this magical momentum, let the New Moon on the 13th, affecting your values and confidence, help you take a bold step you'll likely be glad you took. But be careful from the 24th until January – your communicative style could be more aggressive or confrontational than you think.


With your sign hosting a New Moon on the 13th, you're offered a fresh start or clean slate. Is there something you'd like to clear the air or start over with in your love life? This is your New Moon; it waits for instruction from you. So, see it like a genie emerging from a lantern! From the 24th until January, mighty Mars influences your self-esteem and values. Your allure could go off the scale – as long as you don't appear too confident or demanding.


A New Moon on the 13th helps you look deeply inward to assess where past emotional wounds linger or which heavy emotional weights you can finally free yourself from. From the 24th until January, passionate Mars occupies your sign. So, you won't need nearly as much energy as you're used to investing to make romantic or intimate progress! Finally, a Full Moon on the 27th illuminates partnerships and commitments. As one relationship chapter ends, another begins.


Until early December, love planet Venus affects your ambitions, strength and status. So, you could set a new trajectory with what your heart and libido yearn to experience. Something romantic or intimate that seemed to require too much effort could now appear manageable - and inspiring! From the 24th until January, your dreams, fantasies and secrets become more potent. But pay attention to each - they offer valuable insights to help you make passionate progress!


From the 8th, Venus blesses bold steps taken and adventures planned in the name of love! If you and your paramour can escape to different surroundings or climes, you'll love the touch of warmth or luxury Venus adds. Mars ups the ante with your social scene from the 24th until January. Single? You could find love, possibly with little effort, while out and about! A Full Moon on the 27th illuminates true love. Heightened emotions play a part in a new romantic chapter.


Since June, Saturn has moved backwards in your sign, boosting a feeling of relief and less pressure. From the 4th, its mission to help you learn lifelong lessons continues, and Saturn does believe the most profound lessons are learned through love. But Saturn urges you to keep telling yourself that patience and integrity will bring a sweet, deserved reward. So, whenever you feel challenged, see it as a test with summoning both. Saturn's gift really can be life-changing.

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