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Feed – U4

Monday 25th September


You tend to want to measure yourself against those around you. Instead, try to not look out for confrontation.


You're unable to make much progress, but don't be discouraged or expect to receive much consolation from anyone.


You now can get started on any delayed tasks or tackle any unresolved differences. New contacts stimulate your interest.


Nothing seems to be going quite as well as you expect. If you change your approach, you find approval better available.


Don't be surprised if people you know approach you and share their ideas, but do not act in a superior way.


When you interact well, brilliant new friendships result. Recreational activity helps get rid of pent-up feelings.


If you're spontaneous, you open up completely new prospects for relationships, so maybe take up an unfamiliar activity.


You're able to bring different personalities together. Don't forget to make improvements to your lifestyle habits too.


This is the best time to collaborate with others to achieve something worthwhile. Take advantage of the opportunity now.


Upcoming obstacles become ever clearer. Tackle these challenges early on - they will be harder to overcome if ignored.


This is a testing time. Be confident, trust in yourself and don't be dissuaded. Opportunities for improvement may arise.


You goal is further from your grasp. Maybe all is not what it first seems but think about this: the journey is the goal.

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