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Feed – U4

Friday 21st June


Confronted with situations that push your patience to the limit, it's important not to doubt your abilities and power.


Faced with a lot of problems, you need to deal with them methodically, one by one, so difficulties do not mount.


Collaborations are effective as your aims are in accord with those around you. Meetings are harmonious and productive.


Implement long-held plans and start something new. You radiate confidence and enthusiasm, but be appreciative of help.


You are surrounded by obstacles. Remain laid-back - these challenges just serve to make the journey more interesting.


You'll find inner peace and radiate confidence and integrity. Friends will ask for help but don't forget your own goals.


Things have come to a halt for no apparent reason. You probably should take a detour to avoid obstacles in your path.


Nothing seems to be progressing. Consider such moments as a test of your will; it is important to follow your plans.


Sometimes you have to deal with failure, view setbacks as opportunities for improvement. You will emerge stronger.


Avoid any potential problems, don't be too critical and remember every member of a team is important. Stay calm.


When you confront each problem in turn, then your situation improves, and you start to feel in control of events again.


You get on well with everyone, they show an interest in you, and in turn, you're ready to help and give them support.

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