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Feed – U4

Tuesday 6th February


Use your great energy to assist others; later they're likely to return your kindnesses when you need a helping hand.


Everything is getting too much, accept offers of help and jobs can be gradually be broken down into manageable tasks.


You understand that any past conflicts are not important and they never were. Relaxation helps keep your composure.


When you change your attitude, you can confront circumstances more easily and arrive at a successful outcome quickly.


At odds with yourself, you tend to take out your disappointment on others. Accept defeats and see them as helpful.


Despite your plans, you're unlikely to be able to make a great deal of progress. Resist the temptation to blame others.


You immerse yourself in life without hesitation. Not short of willing supporters you easily get projects underway.


You may encounter a critical situation but it will blow over if you react calmly and soberly. Look after your health.


Your social circle is exceptional and easy-going. Use this to improve social ties so you are prepared for worse times.


Colleagues are reacting positively towards you. Take on difficult challenges and your team dynamic will enjoy success.


Your pleasant handling of people brings unexpected support. This can help you make positive, long-lasting changes.


Previously unknown contacts surface and this has a positive effect on your future. Make sure you show real appreciation.

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