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SMS Erotic Love Couple Daily Horoscopes

Feed – UEC4

Thursday 18th April


You´re full of sexual energy and inventive ideas. Talk to your partner about your secret fantasies and unusual positions you'd love to try out.


Your private life is full of sensuality. Your partner might seduce you when you walk through the door. Surprise them by wearing sexy underwear or heady perfume!


You don't feel like sex on the spur of the moment. Spend romantic hours with your partner, with music and a massage, using your body to explore theirs.


High-flying sexual adventures aren't your thing right now. Instead, you feel like something straightforward. Grab your partner and toddle off to bed.


In bed, your partner is giving you plenty of kicks, fulfilling your every desire and fantasy. Why not let them take control? Don´t become too passive, though.


Take it easy with the sex toys. Read the instructions before using them! You wouldn't want an accident to happen, with embarrassing consequences.


You've seldom had so much sexual pleasure as right now. You can't even think about anything else. Your partner's lustful sighs only increase your ardour.


Your imagination is running wild; now it's time to turn those dreams into reality. Your sex life needs some pep, snazzy undies will surprise your partner.


For you, sex means quiet and relaxation. Maybe you and your partner aren´t fond of experimenting, but prefer to take time, indulging in the softer side of love.


Your sex life is dominated by passion and harmony. You like your partner to take control, but don´t always be passive. "Conquer" him or her occasionally.


Are you and your partner are sex-starved? You´re incredibly passionate, and you might get a few bites and scratches, a fitting reward for a lover.


Your partner and you enjoy passionate hours. A quick number on the table or long nights in the bedroom by erotic candlelight - anytime and anywhere is OK.

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