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SMS Erotic Love Singles Daily Horoscopes

Feed – UESC4

Tuesday 26th September


Is there someone you'd like to get laid with? Go out and get them! You can find out later if the object of your passion is as good in bed as you thought.


Less is more. Don´t overdo the sex - you'll lose interest in it. Slow down a little and spend the evening alone, maybe enjoying some of your favourite snacks?


Power mesmerises you, and SM games are tempting. Take it easy at first, without the dog collar and riding crop; if you like it, do it a little more each time.


You´re thinking of your partner's pleasure only. It makes you happy to see them smile, even if you aren´t fully satisfied. Try to achieve simultaneous orgasms!


Your sex appeal boosts your self-confidence, increasing your chances of a night of love. You might end up in a strange bed after your next visit to the disco.


Getting the object of your desires into bed is your highest priority. Your attractiveness will do the trick. Keep it up and you'll get what you want.


You waste no time in talking. You really feel like an erotic fling and won't have to wait long for it. Define your relationships, then enjoy a steamy night.


You feel sexy and alluring, and you are just that! Lay on the charm and you´ll enjoy adventures with the opposite sex. Take care: jealous scenes might ensue.


You're the centre of attention everywhere, alluring and full of sex appeal. The stars favour an amorous night of love turning into a long-term relationship.


Your lascivious looks and sexy walk have a powerful effect. New friends and sexual encounters will certainly come your way. Pleasure is guaranteed.


Now's the time to have a fling. Your first priority is of course sex, emotions come second. You might meet someone who wants more than just a one-night stand.


If you feel like a hot affair, go ahead! Set it up, but take care. You might get ahead of yourself in your erotic fantasies, and end up lonely and dissatisfied.

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