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Friday 21st June


Being caught unaware, you're likely to be tested by exceptional events. Composure helps you overcome any minor disputes or obstacles and remain optimistic, knowing the situation is unlikely to last. Sporting a smile, you put on as brave a face as possible. Wind down later, spend some time with your partner or friends. Otherwise try a massage or sauna, let yourself be totally spoiled.


You discover not everyone has your interests at heart – they sometimes act in an underhand way. With faith in your capabilities you remain composed and unruffled by events. Being aware of these possibilities helps you feel safe. You ensure calm secure surroundings for yourself and your partner. If single, you stay at home and enjoy some pleasant relaxation, winding down and you look after your health.


Dwelling on the past, you miss out on the future. Forget bad memories that feature with such regularity. Take positive steps towards the many exciting experiences out there waiting for you. Learn to share time with people close to you who are able to help you dispel fears and insecurities. Sharing how you feel with others strengthens determination and cements friendships too.


Nothing diminishes your energy and drive. You're enthusiastic to start the things you've been putting off for ages, whether or not they are of major importance or seemingly insignificant matters which vie for your consideration. Clearing out old items of little use, a new outlook is in line with your plans and inspires a positive approach, helping you transform your general attitude.


Previous solutions to existing problems no longer apply. Safe options invariably fall short. You are more open to new influences and dare to seek a change of direction. This applies to any outstanding disputes urgently needing resolution. You exercise a degree of restraint with others and listening to them find it easier than you imagine. In the end you're proud of what you accomplish.


You finally cross the line in your personal race. Too much time has been spent working alone on a project without finishing it, for fear it might not be perfect. Forget about your fears. You’re good and so is your work. Getting others on board, sharing ideas helps boost progress and your self-confidence. Letting others be a part is beneficial - they complement you on your achievement.


Any unlikely situations you encounter, you and you alone are able to take full advantage of and turn into an opportunity. You refuse to bow to others or be on the receiving end of their frustrations. Neither do you succumb to any aggressiveness towards them. It’s worth making your views known. You see that in the long term you gain more respect than possibly you expected.


You experience first-hand that life isn’t always a pleasant experience. But you don’t despair, instead you remain optimistic and take pleasure in the smallest of delights. Retaining composure and a positive outlook in the midst of others frustrations helps boost your ego and allows you to deal with unexpected situations with head held high and a smile on your face.


Determined and alert, you achieve goals you set yourself. In doing so, you have to take a few detours, be creative and open to various alternatives. In your personal life, you pursue your goals just as tenaciously. Your focused approach makes you appear even more attractive. Your outward attitude leads to an interesting encounter with someone you find quite irresistible.


You take pleasure in the simple things of life and realize this is much easier than you think and a far healthier life-style option. You avoid the temptation to binge eat and drink, appreciating when you do how difficult it is to stay in shape and to handle the feelings of regret that follow such a lapse. You make moderation your watch word and short term highs something to avoid at all cost.


You're reluctant to waste your time on insubstantial proposals regardless of how enticing they appear to be at first. You need activities that provide you with worthwhile or immediate benefit. Remaining true to yourself, either at work or in your home environment you enjoy innocent diversions and then let them go. You may find more opportunities lined up than you imagine.


You recognize that the emotional needs you possess must be satisfied. If single– others notice you and eventually appreciate your composure, you become the object of their desire. Relationships that exist thrive too, it’s been a while since you felt this much in tune with your partner. You're able to use your newly discovered optimism and enthusiasm to make improvements to your overall outlook.

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