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Woman Daily Horoscopes

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Thursday 8th February


You get a lot done and make steady progress. Others are aware of your capabilities as well as the disciplined level of restraint you're able to show. There's more to you than meets the eye and you show them how capable you are. In any activity, your high level of energy allows you to remain positive and effective. If possible you engage in an exercise regime to help stay fit and focused.


Certain circumstances you encounter may be disruptive. You stay out of the way and keep your head down, hoping to avoid any unsettling consequences. You continue to be careful with your commitments and are reluctant to spend too much time before making your preferences known. Where love is concerned there’s no need to panic, changes for the better are just as likely to occur.


You forge ahead with your plans at breakneck pace and are willing to assist others when they need help. Thinking clearly you feel a real sense of achievement. You don't get too full of yourself but remain level headed. You enjoy being at the heart of the action and don’t have to do too much to attract attention. Your love prospects improve as a result of a renewed zest for life.


You discover not everyone has your interests at heart – they sometimes act in an underhand way. With faith in your capabilities you remain composed and unruffled by events. Being aware of these possibilities helps you feel safe. You ensure calm secure surroundings for yourself and your partner. If single, you stay at home and enjoy some pleasant relaxation, winding down and you look after your health.


You do your best to avoid potentially volatile situations. With so much pent up energy available it's advisable to head straight to the fitness studio and work off any excess energy on those exercise machines. Otherwise blameless people you encounter, especially at work, suffer the consequences of the mounting pressure you feel, when all you need to do is relax and chill out.


It seems that you’re attracting problems as if by magic, don't be too concerned. When viewed realistically, you notice that things aren’t so bad after all and some of the difficulties disappear by themselves. You are extra cautious at work and avoid getting into arguments. Keeping a low profile, don’t feel you have to take part in every discussion. This phase then passes uneventfully.


Using an outwardly energetic approach you create the perfect conditions for forging new paths and being able to see the world from a fresh perspective. Others are attracted to your open hearted, courageous attitude. Your ability to rid yourself of all that is tired and obsolete helps things along and you discover a different side of yourself that wants to undertake this expansive new role.


You find peace and composure within by trusting your own inner strength. At work and amongst friends, people try to draw you in, when carelessly chosen words create the conditions for an argument. You are careful about what you say and trust your powers of reasoning. This way you're able to win over those who previously doubted you and convince them of the validity of your argument.


You radiate charm, your smile is disarming and very little prevents you from getting your way or using your energy to begin those tasks you've avoided for so long. Whether you initiate new projects or finish old ones, the encouragement you receive from loved ones makes you all the more determined to succeed. You're able to dedicate more time to looking after your family.


You know exactly who the people are you can rely on. Ongoing effort to maintain friendships pay off in situations you otherwise expect to be tense. Avoiding awkward situations, instead you meet with friends to exchange ideas that engender positivity between you. Helping create a fulfilling experience with an inspiring outlook is enriching and one commitment you'll share with them long into the future.


You benefit most when you use your skills appropriately. Proving your competency doesn’t mean you have to turn down help from people who make interesting proposals. It's alright to accept firm suggestions you receive from unexpected sources. Your astute negotiating skills are persuasive and help you make considerable progress which puts you on track to achieving the success you desire.


Nothing is likely to disrupt your sense of composure. You feel totally at ease, in control of circumstances, free from any possible stress. You cope adequately with specific assignments and when contacting friends are asked to mediate. You resolve certain issues that have endured over time, which need to be settled amicably, in a lasting way, then finally forgotten about.

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