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Example content based on date and place of birth for – Angelina Jolie

Hi Angelina,

What I can reveal will be of value to you through the rest of your life. Here are insights into your Career, Work, Money, Love and Intimate Relationships that you can develop, direct and improve for yourself. 

What about Career?

Saturn in Cancer

Angelina, the stability of your early home life determines your choice of career and chances of success.  Your ambition is then to be the perfect parent or have the perfect home.  Therefore, you seek a profession in which you can be caregiver and nurturer, something that uses your maternal instincts.  Your career must provide you the opportunity to explore emotion – ideal for social work or psychology.  The need you have to be close to home suits working from home or with other people’s families.  Your interest in property, kitchens, interior design, cooking, children and families further determines your choice of career.  Fulfilling your ambitions gives other people the foundation upon which to succeed.  Your mother influences your choice of profession.  You may simply choose to be the house- keeper.  A good emotional relationship with your mother dramatically improves your chances of success professionally.

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What about Money?

Venus in Gemini

Angelina, your priorities; books, music and art materials, are the tools of your trade, therefore this is what you make a living from and spend your money on.  Financially   you are rather fickle easily earning money through your charm then spending it on whatever takes your fancy.  You are generous with your friends.  You will probably have two sources of income because you are versatile in making a living.  One of these is definitely using your communication or writing skills.  You are likely to use broadcasting to promote your ideas.

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What about Work?

Mercury in Gemini

Because you are a natural communicator and like to use your mind, your work environment must give you the opportunity to exercise these skills.  Therefore, as a worker you are talkative and curious, always on the move and easily bored.  Work must be mentally stimulating and give you a chance to express your views or work with your hands.  You are suited to employment as a teacher or in the communication industry, maybe as a journalist, writer etc.  Angelina, you may have two jobs since you need variety in your work.

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What about Love?

Venus in Gemini
Angelina, you love people who are jovial and friendly.  You are quite clever and charming and this is what attracts others to you.  Because you love words and books you need a partner who is interested in these.  You are attracted to a person’s wit and intelligence and are embarrassed by those who are not clever.  

You are a real flirt, flitting from one person to another.  Needing variety in your social life and friendships, you flirt and will often have two lovers at a time.  But when a person gets close to you they may find you superficial and shallow.

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What about Intimate Relationships?

Mars in Aries
Angelina, you are a real hot head in relationships, driven by your own desire and lust.  In a way you do not really want a close relationship you just want a partner you can compete with or maybe boss around.  You want a partner to have dangerous adventures with and at your best take over the world. 

At your worst you fight, argue and battle each other till one gives in or leaves.  You are forceful.  Often you are too busy considering yourself to think about anyone else.  In adolescence you became lusty and have not stopped.  You attract competitive and aggressive partners.

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