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Astrology & Tarot Store

Whether you have an existing Astrology website or App or want to enhance your brand, our powerful platform helps your business grow. Offer a wide selection of unique content to your visitors.

A White Label Astrology store provides your own branded Astrology and Tarot readings for your website or App.

Earn commission on every sale. All repeat customers return to your site.

Automatic product delivery and customer support included. So, no additional work from you is necessary.

Choose the reports you want to offer and profit from the free content and additional revenue stream!

Our Store Options

We offer three separate ways you can sell our products, in order of customization. Starting with our ready-made store up to our direct Astrology API.

Ready-Made Store : Set up your new store to match the color scheme of your website. Get selling quickly.

DIY Product Forms : Embed order forms inside your existing site. Provides a more seamless integration and keeps visitors inside your existing site.

WooCommerce Plugin : Add astrology & tarot report sales to your WooCommerce / WordPress site.

Astrology API : Recommended if you want to take your own payments and have full control over the sales process.

Offer Astrology & Tarot Products:

Our complete range of Astrology Reports are available in your store.

Offer your visitors free personalized mini-readings. To allow them to assess the quality of the content before they purchase any of the full-length readings.

Provide users with unique Astrology Birth Charts, Planet Information and Daily Moon Forecasts.

Email List Building:

Free sample products help you build an email list. Visitors will want to give you their email address to access your free reading samples.

Tools For Marketing:

To help you earn even more commissions from repeat customers, we send personalized follow-up emails to recommend more relevant readings.

To create your landing pages and add the order process. Copy and paste a single line of code to use our embeddable forms.

The forms allow you to tailor the sales process for your visitors using your marketing expertise.