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Astro Career Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – E3

Month of June


Having turned retrograde in the closing hours of April, still the only planet in either of your two professional houses, Pluto enters his second month in retrograde motion in your career sector. However, unlike moving into May, as you move into June Pluto is no longer at a standstill and is now moving freely back over old ground. The focus is still on the past and you are still looking back rather than forward but this is giving you much greater access to the past, second chances and untapped professional potential.

This has been given a boost by the planetary activity in your income sector. It was on 23rd May that Mercury retrograded back into your income sector, something that almost immediately put him back at a friendly aspect to Pluto. This allowed them to join forces as they focused on untapped professional and income potential.

While Mercury will turn direct on 3rd June and will leave your income sector on 14th June, until she leaves on 23rd June Venus will continue to work closely with Pluto as well, with new income and untapped professional potential continuing to go hand in hand. This makes the Moon's monthly visits to your two professional houses important. With no planetary activity in your work sector, the Moon's visit from 6th June to 9th June will be a valuable chance to check in, giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters and acting as a trigger.

The Moon will form a friendly aspect to Pluto, Mercury and Venus as it moves through, making these especially good days across the income, work and career fronts. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your career sector from 15th June to 17th June will both fuel your professional instincts and imagination and bring a chance to check in with Pluto in your career sector. Moving through during Venus' final days in your income sector could have lucrative implications.

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