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Astro Career Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – E3

Month of May


While this is a fairly quiet month on the professional front, there are signs of change that to start with your sixth sense will be picking up on but without anything to connect this to. What your subconscious will be picking up on is two events in the first week that hint at significant changes ahead, though the biggest impact won't be felt until next week. The first event is Pluto's retrograde turn on 2nd May, something that less than six weeks after leaving your career sector will see him turn around and start heading back.

Your career sector has been empty since Pluto left, with a chance to let things settle after being here for the last 15 years. Pluto won't return until next month, but the fact that he is on his way back is something that your over the horizon radar will be picking up on and as once back he will spend the rest of the year here, this means that this was never going to be the end of the story. By the time the Moon makes its monthly visit to your career sector from 9th May to 11th May Pluto will be on his way back and there will be a better sense of his approach.

The second event is the dwarf planet Ceres' direct turn in your work sector on 7th May, something that will shift your focus away from the rear view mirror while her review of your needs and priorities on the job front will continue until she leaves next month. Ceres returned to your work sector the day before Pluto left your career sector and she will leave again just after he returns, keeping the seat warm while taking advantage of a chance to focus more on work and job matters. The Moon will begin the month in your work sector and until leaving on 2nd May will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged, while giving you a read on Ceres' final days in retrograde motion.

By the time the Moon returns from 27th May to 30th May Ceres will be back in direct motion but more importantly, Jupiter will be in your income sector and your biggest year for income growth and expansion in over a decade will be underway.

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