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Saturday 8th June


It's unlikely you're able to think much about others, even if they are important to you. Try not to take these feelings to heart. It's far better if you withdraw and treat yourself to some time-out. Wait until you’re able to establish a more agreeable attitude, otherwise minor conflicts turn into a major crisis.


Take time to seriously consider your romantic life and decide if you want to share your future with another on a long-term basis. If you do and have someone in mind, it's important to find out if they feel the same way too. You need certainty on such an important matter to plan properly.


You readily give into your feelings, seemingly on impulse and without taking account of the consequences. When looking for a new partner, your heart can show you the way. If you're in a relationship already, interesting people may tend to upset the balance and complexities of your existing relationship.


Thinking about your relationship you clarify what you have together identifying the existing feelings you share that show promise, or if there aren't any lasting ties, if you are both sympathetic and accepting, you can both agree to accept positive changes to what initially seems a difficult situation to resolve.


Feeling self-assured and cheerful, you have a stimulating effect on the people you meet, and you're seen as an interesting person to converse with. If single use your relaxed approach, take advantage of promising new friendships that have the potential to develop into something more romantic and be flirtatious.


Your romantic life is turbulent and punctuated with misunderstandings. Be careful about giving an opinion; not everyone appreciates your straightforward approach. They may misconstrue your comments believing them to be arrogant and selfish. Remain calm and objective when making claims and attempting to attribute blame.


You’re full of warm, positive feelings that encourage you to get out and discover the world, meet people, and do the things you have always wanted to do. Take the trip you’ve dreamt of, first consider where to go, make plans and save, then travel on the trip; you’ll have experiences to remember for the rest of your life.


You fill the life you share with others with love and affection. Loved ones enjoy anytime they spend with you and appreciate you as a thoughtful and stimulating lover. Your natural approach makes you an attractive and desirable partner to have, something you can use to your advantage, especially if you find you're single.


It seems that falling in love comes naturally. However, it’s difficult to make the right choices; your decision making is poor. If you don’t consider carefully what you're doing, it may be awkward to get out of the situation you’ve created. If you already have a relationship partner, talk to them about what you want to do.


Your mood swings hurt the people closest to you. You appear changeable, rather unpredictable and end up picking quarrels with the very people you care for most. A solution might be to spend most of your time with those less likely to get upset by your unpredictable moods.


You feel romantic, enthusiastic about love and if already in a relationship are extremely affectionate towards your partner. You resolve any ongoing disagreements in a way that strengthens your connection. Singles get to breathe a sigh of relief; there's real promise that you’ll get to meet someone special soon.


Life is likely to be problematic if you’ve unrealistically high expectations. Inevitable arguments follow if you're expecting more than others are prepared to give. Try to keep your conduct in check and don’t put undue pressure on your partner or friendships by making inappropriate or impossible demands.

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