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English Love Daily Horoscopes

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Thursday 18th April


In your romantic life, you're able to express your intentions openly. You take every opportunity to simplify your situation by having constructive tête-à-têtes with your lover. If single you need to decide what your ambitions are and make decisions that bring about some clarity regarding possible future relationships.


Feeling sociable, you take pleasure in new friendships, finding other people intriguing. If you’re already in a relationship, you continue to nurture and support the person you're closest to. If single, someone who you've not considered before may become interested, when you start thinking of them this way.


Conflicts that have been ongoing finally need to be tackled. Don't expect the other person to come to you but instead take matters into your own hands. Keep yourself open to any alternative point of view and find a solution that satisfies you both and allows a return to a more amicable existence between you.


Every comment you make is likely to be interpreted in the worst possible way, and an innocent joke is often mistaken for an insult. Being patient with people prevents you from constantly having to explain yourself or becoming a test of nerves. Always try to be considerate in the same way you expect from others.


You feel confident about tackling any relationship issues with your lover. Your sympathetic approach towards others makes it easy for them to accept what you say, even if it's problematic. Getting things out in the open relieves the tension, so your relationships progress and develop in a more positive way.


You successfully deal with conflicts. People you know try to unload problems on you which are absolutely nothing to do with you. Its possible people say things to hurt you or make further unreasonable demands. Embrace confrontations, use them to strengthen your position, see how easily clashes can be resolved.


If everyone seems distracted in some way. Don't let the situation affect you too personally; it’s not always about you– your lover, if you have one is likely concerned about something completely different. If single and you've just met someone there's uncertainty, especially if suddenly they appear rather distant.


Others notice how tetchy you appear to be. There's no point in making an issue over matters of such little consequence; they only result in unnecessary animosity. If you feel you're losing control, regain your composure by adopting a level-headed approach and getting to grips with your potentially bad mood.


You're able to tackle something you’ve been thinking about for a considerable amount of time and make a long-standing wish a reality. Perhaps by starting a new hobby or getting in touch with old friends. With your open approach, you're able to instinctively trust in your gut feelings about the best way to proceed.


If you seem to be at odds with the world, and what you say often conflicts with the opinions of others, you may begin to feel misunderstood, appearing more on edge and antagonistic towards those you love. Try to react calmly, in a level-headed way and avoid repeatedly discussing everything over and over again.


You’re exceptionally understanding; others find your outgoing, talkative nature appealing. You're eager to learn, always curious and honestly, do enjoy sharing intense conversations and moments of pleasure with your lover. If single others seek your company, value your opinions, and make you feel welcome wherever you go.


It’s easy for you to create an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness; that's why your lover enjoys being with you and you're able to develop your relationship further. If single, you make a positive impression on the people you meet, and if you're concealing a secret wish or desire, there's every chance it is granted.

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