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Wednesday 29th November


You're able to tackle something you’ve been thinking about for a considerable amount of time and make a long-standing wish a reality. Perhaps by starting a new hobby or getting in touch with old friends. With your open approach, you're able to instinctively trust in your gut feelings about the best way to proceed.


If you find it difficult to control your moods, you find those you love don't know what to expect or how to react appropriately. Arguments about trivial matters have little impact. If you feel you've caused unnecessary hurt, it may be worth apologizing for an outburst that was unfounded or not thought through.


Even when others seem to disagree, and you find it difficult to share your point of view, being overly emotional isn't the way you react. If you're involved with your partner in a quarrel like this, you respond appropriately to the issue at hand, and don't allow purely trivial matters to escalate and get out of control.


You're popular, and others find you appealing, it's difficult to resist flirting with anyone you meet, but unlikely to result in anything too serious or long term. If you're already in a relationship and aware of how appealing you appear to others, exercise some caution: You may find it difficult to resist the temptation.


If you have some crossed words with your partner, try not to be so brutally honest, this can be very hurtful and eventually you may come to regret what you say. Instead of being responsive to their needs and adopting a far more diplomatic approach you'll find and deal with the cause of their concern much sooner.


Pushing yourself forward makes you appear overbearing and at times rather unpleasant, causing problems with your love life or making it tough to get to meet and know new people. It is apparent that others find your craving for recognition a bit disconcerting. Reconsider your conduct and the impact it has on others.


Plenty of love and affection characterizes your romantic life. Your lover amorously reciprocates the warmth you show. If single, you may meet the perfect partner, or tell someone how much you care for them. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out, enjoy the feelings that make all your relationships special.


Every comment you make is likely to be interpreted in the worst possible way, and an innocent joke is often mistaken for an insult. Being patient with people prevents you from constantly having to explain yourself or becoming a test of nerves. Always try to be considerate in the same way you expect from others.


What you say comes straight from the heart, and you're most comfortable with a lover who appreciates your direct and honest approach as opposed to someone with who you have to tip-toe around certain issues or is easily upset. It's important for your relationship to express your thoughts to your lover.


You find it difficult to turn down requests and demands from anyone. You seem more than willing to make compromises, which you normally don't tolerate or consider. It’s important that you're more selective about who you spend your time with. Avoid individuals who are only seeking to take advantage of your good nature.


Restraint and cool-headedness are the best way to control your emotions. If you feel agitated, make sure you don't say anything to upset those you care about most, that you later come to regret. It's possible you'll have to consider some actual damage limitation seriously and try to calm your frazzled nerves.


If asked to give your opinion you may later very much come to regret the thoughtless choice of words used in your conversations with those you're closest to. The provocative approach you take is unlikely to be well received, and you may find you have to apologize later to improve relationships.

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