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English Love Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – EN-L3

Month of September


You mostly get along well with people at present. You show others a lot of tolerance and understanding; so you're able to avoid difficulties most of the time. Even highly annoying people find it hard to ruffle you.

You might even get one or two complicated relationships back on track.


You seem to be very open-minded and relaxed at the moment and other people think of you as a very friendly person. You enjoy a harmonious time with your friends and your family. Spend a lot of time with your partner and your confidants.

You will see that you are able to intensify and cultivate these close bonds.


You have a sense of natural balance between yourself and your private life. You exude a lot of peace and confidence and this makes you highly likeable and attractive. Turn on your charm and you will find it no trouble to approach new people and make new friends.

Maybe you'll even get to know the love of your life if you have not met him yet.


Other people sense your agreeableness and feeling of inner balance. You can easily combine and provide for your own needs and the needs of others easily. Take advantage of this relaxed atmosphere and approach new people with sincerity and understanding.

You might even start a profound relationship in this way.


In the coming weeks you will probably go through an emotional roller coaster ride. Melancholy thoughts alternate repeatedly with euphoric moments. Be careful not to alienate your closest friends when indulging in daydreams.

This is especially true if they are the ones you would ask for comfort and support in difficult times.


Other people currently simply have to like you. They sense your absolutely positive feeling, which makes you also attractive and sympathetic for the opposite sex. Therefore, don't hesitate to take a little detour after working hours to your favourite bar or maybe even go out dancing again.

You will be surprised how quickly you will be able to get in touch with others.


You show off your pride quite recklessly and let others suffer as a result. Even if you are being treated considerately, you react in an oversensitive and vindictive way and blow up easily. Consider what consequences such behaviour might have – that will help you to restrain yourself.

You should rather bite your tongue than risk friendship.


You quickly become arrogant and assume that you have the answer to everything. You're oblivious to the fact that this behaviour turns people off. Instead of patronizing others, deal with your own problems.

If you talk about these problems openly you will get invaluable help from people. This will be especially beneficial to a relationship.


In your private life the negative influence of Jupiter comes into play - you behave fairly arrogantly. You even alienate sympathetic friends of yours with your dominant behaviour. So restrain yourself.

Carefully work out what counts as acceptable behaviour and then don't go any further than that. In this way you can be seen as a determined person but at the same time won't step on anyone's toes.


Your strong attachment to material things should not obscure your view for internal values. When you meet somebody new you quickly judge a person on appearances. Be careful of judging people on this alone - you'll then meet interesting people.

This will enrich your life in a way money cannot.


In case you live alone, you loneliness will become painfully obvious. You need someone with whom you can share everything. This should be the reason to reflect on your current arrogant behaviour and help you to get rid of it.

This is the only way in which others will get a chance to approach you. In case you already have a partner, you get the chance to grow in the relationship. But that requires the necessary humility.


You introduce a lot of enthusiasm and love to your environment. You are generous and gracious; that's why you find it easy to forgive thoughtless behaviour. You do not take offence at irritating people who may behave strangely.

Maybe you even want to approach some of these odd people. This could turn out to be worthwhile in an unexpected way.

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