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English Love Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of April


It's really nice to be close to other people. You should enjoy this pleasant atmosphere fully, as everything seems to be feasible. Go out a lot and take plenty of time for your partner.

If you're single, you'll receive several interesting offers without taking the initiative. There is only one thing you need to do alone - make a decision.


Your charisma is greater than usual. You are an interesting conversationalist and make yourself popular in no time at all. Your circle of friends will widen significantly - the stars favour dating as well.

As long as you do not forget to cultivate your present relationships too, you will have a wonderful time.


You have that certain something at the moment. Your attractiveness to the opposite sex has increased significantly; They're mad about you! Hardly anyone will be able to refuse your requests. That may sound utopian but there's a catch.

If you are looking for a steady relationship you will probably be disappointed. And if you already live in a steady relationship you should try out your persuasiveness on your partner only.


You are truly a ray of sunshine for others. You make the sad ones happy and jaded ones cheerful again by your irresistible smile. You feel just fine when you can live out your thoughtfulness.

A moment of bitterness for singles: you painfully become aware of the fact that you really need someone who needs you too.


The negative Jupiter-sun constellation also has an influence on your private life. Be it in your relationship, with friends or relatives – everywhere you encounter misunderstandings and annoyance. Escalations are bound to occur after a certain time.

Therefore, you should take the time to discuss the deeper causes of these misunderstandings. As long as you have the courage to admit mistakes and to apologize, every problem can be solved.


You currently enjoy life to its fullest and that can be seen by all. You meet the people around you with a friendly and natural smile which makes you seem sympathetic. Others appreciate your sense of humour and the optimism that you exude.

Get a hold of your partner or your closest friends and spend a lot of time together.


It's possible that you feel insecure and not able to cope with every conversation in the coming weeks. Pay attention that this insecurity does not turn into aggression and that you do not take it out on people close to you. Don't always play the victim.


In your private life too it's not wise to be too stubborn. Even if you're right from an objective point of view, you should avoid pointing out other people's mistakes. This kind of behaviour will turn them off.

You should rather try to work with others to find solutions and compromises.


Your private life has stormy times in store for you. Even if you enjoy a nice and exciting evening with your partner, the next day might be full of misunderstandings and disputes. Banging your head against a brick wall is not always the best way.

You need to understand that arguments are a chance to learn more about yourself and to try to get to the bottom of your behaviour.


Now is definitely not the time for melancholy thoughts and spending time on your own. The opposite is true - you are happy and are able to share this with others. Trips out with your friends or your partner turn into memorable and unique experiences.

Maybe you even plan a holiday together – a lovely time is approaching!.


Your critical faculties and your willingness to compromise are under pressure these days. If you get the upper hand in discussions you need to beware of being arrogant and condescending. You could damage more than you might imagine.

Also, getting into a huff isn't your style either.


You find it really important that harmony dominates your private life. Past disagreements that have caused ill-feeling just won't let you rest. Have conversations to clarify remaining issues and do not run away from awkward topics.

You will be able to smooth out the issue and strengthen your relationships significantly.

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