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Video Horoscopes

    Weekly horoscope video service. Featuring horoscopes written by Jeff Prince. Video options include free personal report promotions with follow up sales.

    Example Aries Video Horoscope

    Horoscope entertainment for your website

    Weekly video updates provide valuable insights for your visitors.
    Message: Jeff, I think you have a listening device in our home.  I read your cancer scope daily and it normally gives me a thought to ponder.  It’s my little personal pleasure…your scope. Rocco

    Jeff Prince is a prolific author. He provides personal birth chart interpretations. These astrology readings feature as an option in the Video display.

    Hello Jeff and Thank you for my reports. I am having a rather big career/work change and challenge right now and your reports are most helpful for me to work out what is going on with it and how sincere the people involved are.  

    Make weekly horoscope videos available to your visitors.

    Discover more about White Label Horoscope Affiliate Program and our API to get horoscope feeds directly to your website or app.

    Request a Demo Horoscope Feed?

    Contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with pricing and discounts for bundled horoscope packages of daily / weekly / monthly horoscopes and a trial XML/JSON feed so you can work on your integration before going live.