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Astro Money Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of September


This is an important month on both sides of the financial fence, mainly because it is a transition month but where there is also a chance to pull back and put income and money matters on equal footing. It was on 20th August that Mars not only wrapped up his seven week visit to your income sector but a proactive period where it was more about fighting for what you deserve. It was just days after Mars left that Uranus turned retrograde, with his first full month in retrograde motion a chance to pull back, let things settle but also to go over the spoils of war from recent months.

With the Sun always spending the first three weeks of September in your work sector, this has begun a new partnership between new job and untapped income potential. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury not only all returning to your financial sector next month but triggering eclipses on both sides of the financial fence. September is a breathing space between the recent active months on the income front and the active months that will kick off on the other side of the financial fence next month.

With the lunar nodes working to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out, with the scales tipping away from income matters but yet to tip towards money matters, there is finally a chance to find the right balance. This makes this a fairly low key month on both fronts, with time to bank months of planetary activity on the income front as you prepare for months of activity on the other side of the financial fence. This makes the Moon's monthly visits to your two money houses a valuable chance to check in with both.

The Moon will move through your financial sector from 1st September to 3rd September, with a chance in the early days of the month to fuel your financial instincts and imagination. The Moon will do the same at the other end of the month when it moves through again from 28th September to 30th September. It is halfway between these two visits that the Moon will return for its first visit since Mars left your income sector and its only visit while the Sun is in your work sector, from 13th September to 16th September.

As well as sharpening your nose for money and acting as a trigger, this will create positive energy across the income, work and career fronts.

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