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Astro Money Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – D2

Week starting 27th June


Venus' departure from your income sector last Thursday and the Moon's over the weekend, allows you to begin the week with a sharp nose for money, emotionally and intuitively engaged but having just begun to process the desires and expectations this has left you with. This was always going to be an important week for regrouping but unlike other years, there is no call to tie up loose ends. Normally, once the Sun, Mercury and Venus have moved through each year and the focus shifts onto the forces that will remain in play all year, it is time to tie up loose ends and lock things into place. Instead, this is more a chance to process the desires and expectations this has left you with, along with the lucrative sense of direction this has left you with as you wait for Mars' return next week.

This is when this financial year will not only catch its second wind but could turn July and August into the most lucrative weeks of the year.

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