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Wednesday 29th November


The pressure intensity dial could be turned up now. The Moon encourages you to get out and about locally, but Mercury pushes you to look beyond comfortable boundaries. You know there's a bigger world out there, begging you to explore it. So, spread those wings. Fly and be free; if you can't travel, imagine where you'd like to be. Mercury excels at making plans and could be a big help.


Focus exists on conversations about what you owe, own and share. Yes, this relates to money of all kinds, your earnings and from other areas. But there's equal focus on what you share emotionally or intimately. So, you have barriers and boundaries to reinforce or create regarding what's yours and what you allow others or someone access to.


You might sense a constant game of cosmic button-pushing as the Moon graces your sign. But Luna also wants you to do two things. The first surrounds embracing your sensitivity. The second involves preparing for someone to hit you with a few home truths as the Moon opposes Mercury, affecting your one-to-ones. So, count to ten before emotional fireworks go off, okay?


Your day could have a welcome, relaxing vibe - until responsibilities come a-knocking! The Moon urges you to do what you can to distance or detach yourself and take it easy. But Mercury is proud of the lengthy To-Do List it has created for you. So, that leaves you with a cosmic mission of balancing “business” and pleasure. Don't ignore urgent tasks. Focus on quality chill time that awaits afterwards.


To gather or not to gather, that's today's cosmic question. The Moon illuminates your friends and involvement with groups while opposing think and talk planet Mercury. So, the chances are high of you blazing a solo trail. Should you choose to, time apart from others could help you connect or reconnect with long-term goals and how you intend to achieve them. So, let it be a one-lion show!


Foundations within situations you think are solid could be shakier than they appear. The Moon activates your career and wants to see you reach for the stars. But as Luna opposes Mercury affecting your home, a domestic drama might throw you off. So, you have two areas of your world playing tug of war that you rely on for security and stability. Tread carefully, Virgo.


Your heart might yearn for adventure, but you don't need to run up huge expenses by splashing out on a trip to a Caribbean island. The Moon and Mercury insist local excitement is on offer. Who needs a passport when you have so much happening nearby? So, don't dismiss fun and excitement in your vicinity. They'll be forever undiscovered unless you open your mind to and explore possibilities.


OK, today's agenda? Connection and self-care. The Moon illuminates sexuality, deep sharing and vulnerability needed to “go deep” with anyone. But if you succeed in crossing a personal or intimate boundary you've been determined to remain behind, don't forget to reward yourself with whatever your definition of “pampering” is.


Your words don't only carry more clout now, they're extra spicy! So, be careful because cheekiness and innuendos will be gratefully received by some people and not others. But with a strong communicative focus on you and others generally, you may need to decide how to deal with specific situations as they arise. Should you choose to give someone a piece of your mind, be assertive but polite!


The universe chats with you now, so don't be quick to dismiss flashes of insights or messages within vivid dreams. The Moon pushes you to focus on ho-hum routines, but mental Mercury has firm control over your dreams and subconscious thoughts. So, keep those lines open, and don't succumb to analysis paralysis or overthinking. The universe likes to drip-feed intel, so be patient.


There is such a thing as “harmonious conflict”, which usually involves people agreeing to disagree. The Moon stimulates your self-expression, so your passions are on display. But as Luna opposes Mercury affecting your social scene, remember that others have their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions too. Take the lead with a “compromise dance” to keep everyone's toes tapping!


You're the maestro of your own schedule today. But not everyone's following your playlist, so don't feel pressured by others to yield to their agendas. The Moon encourages you to get comfortable at home and with your clan, while mental Mercury gets career lines buzzing. So, home-related plans could be disrupted by work interruptions. Remember, the word “no” is a whole sentence.

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