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Friday 3rd May


The cosmic instruction involves letting go and embracing sunshine after rain. The Moon teams up with the Sun, nudging you to release grudges. Not feeling ready to forgive? No worries, take it one step at a time. Whether you write a fiery letter or treat yourself to a therapy session, you're helped to let go of pent-up anger and make room for much-needed healing. Who benefits most from this? You do!


Where you feel inclined to sit back and watch your social scene activity, dive in headfirst! Whether it's networking like a pro or sparking a conversation with an intriguing stranger in a coffee joint, the universe encourages you to make your presence known. Take a leap, explore uncharted territories, and watch your social life—and reputation—soar!


Afraid to 'make your move' in some way? Don't be! With the Sun and Moon supporting you, the world is your oyster, and you're encouraged to claim your pearl of a prize. Whether it's reaching out to a potential mentor or showcasing your talents, the universe has your back. That helpful hand up the career ladder or client that will make you the envy of coworkers could be just around the corner.


The universe smiles down on you, so get ready for serendipitous encounters! A chance meeting with a soulmate or an unexpected opportunity to travel are only two of many possibilities, Cancer. So, keep your radar on full alert for golden moments. Life's too short to let the good times pass you by, and with such strong cosmic support on your side, what occurs or unfolds really will be heaven-sent.


What have you got to lose by letting your guard down or wearing your heart on your sleeve? Nothing! So, take a deep breath, bare your soul and watch who embraces you with open arms. Who knows what kind of magic awaits you with a tiny bit of courage and openness? You're in a powerful 'nothing ventured emotionally, nothing gained' scenario, so let's hear you say the words 'carpe diem!'


Honesty – it's the name of the game, so don't be afraid to speak your truth now. In fact, there may be no better time to address lingering issues head-on. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, embrace any discomfort and lean into difficult conversations. You might discover that the main issue to address with someone is how they challenge you to see something differently, that's all.


Even a little effort made to spread kindness wherever you go will be more far-reaching than you might think. With the Sun and Moon in sync, there's magic in the air, waiting to be unleashed. Whether it's lending a helping hand to a stranger or getting involved in a charity drive, let your generous Libran spirit shine. 'Pay it forward' - whenever and wherever you can!


With a strong spotlight on you, strike a pose and show the world what you're made of! The Sun and Moon suggest the time is ideal to bask in the light and flaunt your talents. Whether it's snapping a killer selfie or dropping major hints on social media, don't be afraid to step forward and steal the show. Got a crush on someone? Make your move. Aim true, and let your Scorpion charm do the rest!


With the Sun and Moon uniting, aim this magic at reaching out to friends you've neglected. A get-together could turn into a seriously productive hangout session. But painting a town red doesn't have to be on the agenda. How about grabbing a paint roller, blasting some tunes, and turning something mundane into a full-blown renovation party? It could be much more fun than it sounds!


When it comes to expressing thoughts or feelings, the Sun and Moon are determined to keep lines of communication wide open, even if the going gets tough. Whether it's addressing the annoying habits of someone close or laying your heart on the line, trust that whatever you say or convey is a case of 'better out than in.' But don't overlook how powerful sensitivity will be in any exchange.


Luck is on your side, so 'roll the dice' and see what happens. With the Sun and Moon uniting, a golden opportunity might wait around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for a lucrative side hustle or career-defining project that could elevate your status to new and exciting heights, too. Fortune has a soft spot for the bold, so don't be afraid to claim your rightful place in the spotlight!


The Sun and Moon in your sign urge you to channel serious self-love vibes now. Whether it's booking yourself a slot at a luxurious yoga retreat or politely declining dreaded holiday plans with relatives, what boosts your mojo or feel-good factor should be a priority now. Focus on what matters most to you, and don't be afraid to make a few waves, either.

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