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Chatty Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – A3

Month of November


Videos explaining how to manifest something in our lives are everywhere on social media. Despite varying explanations and helpfulness, the message from each video is pretty much the same. We need to see clearly in our minds what we want to achieve - and feel the experience. This month, don't let a vision of what you yearn to accomplish waver. Adopting an attitude of “what your mind conceives and believes, you can achieve” is essential during November.


What is it the tough do when the going gets rough? They get going, of course! I'm not suggesting you're in for an uncomfortably challenging month. In fact, if you “go” with the universe's “flow”, there's no reason why you won't end up somewhere delightful and welcome. However, you may need to accept a push in a particular direction you might not have chosen to go on your own. That's why it's essential you appreciate this and how you undoubtedly benefit by cooperating!


“Let go, you'll be fine!” Those words tend not to comfort us when we believe we're in a precarious situation. This month, you're encouraged to release your grip on something you believe requires constant focus and effort. You might sense that disaster awaits if you weren't attached to whatever-it-is. But to achieve a long-held ambition, you'll need to free yourself from an anchor that holds you back – and in ways you may have been unaware of.


One of many interesting things about crabs is their ability to scuttle sideways. Doing what's unexpected often works to their advantage, too! This month, particularly in the light of the New Moon, taking a risk will bring a fresh start to an area of your world. But to embrace this new era, you'll need to remove yourself from an established comfort zone or push aside a temptation to follow a path of least resistance. So, wherever possible, choose what's unusual or unexpected!


“Two men looked out from prison bars; one saw mud, the other saw stars.” This old quote is relevant because you might feel that you exist within something prison-like. You might also have one view or perspective on a situation and can't ignore how someone sees it the way they do. It could become clear that you can't change a situation but can change your attitude toward it. Do that and see how what appears challenging or problematic becomes manageable - or inspiring.


The words “seed of an idea” are pictorial. A New Moon influences how you process information and communicate or convey your mind's creations. During November, you could have an influx of ideas and must separate those that genuinely deserve attention. But the “seed” of one idea could get planted and will likely come to fruition in April. That doesn't mean you won't have plenty to do to keep it nurtured until then. But the crucial “germination” process commences this month!


“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” That popular quote is supposedly attributed to Albert Einstein. You could be aware of a repetitive cycle you'd prefer not to be caught up in. Yet, there's something comfortable and comforting about bettering “a devil you know.” But what would happen if you crossed a line you've been determined to remain behind? A bold step taken this month could provide a reassuring answer.


On the 13th, your sign hosts an annual New Moon, marking a fresh start with how you present yourself and what makes you tick to the world. But because Scorpio represents secrets, mysteries and anything swept under the carpet, something you've concealed could come to light. The Moon is also highly intuitive, so your inner voice could be extra potent, too. But if anything between you and someone or others has been ignored or left unsaid, that could change.


When we're told we're about to be shown the reality of a situation, we usually believe we'll be deflated or disappointed. But sometimes, seeing circumstances in a realistic light confirms that we've set expectations too low. During November, the universe offers you a special pair of rose-tinted glasses. However, these aren't designed to deceive you. On the contrary, they could be what you need to see an old situation in a fresh, inspiring and potentially exciting light!


Your head and heart could be engaged in a constant “tug of war.” By bringing logic to a dilemma, your head believes a way forward involving perseverance and sticking to what's familiar is clear. Your heart wants you to stray from a path of least resistance or shake what has become stale. However, November is a time of contemplation, not hasty actions or pressured decisions. Setting aside quiet time to ponder a commitment, relationship or an alliance promises to be helpful.


We know the world is full of people who think they can get away with adopting a “do as I say, not as I do” mantra. Too many people also believe a title automatically entitles them to respect rather than accepting it must be earned. But enough of this deflating start to your forecast! This month, you're reminded of how much influence you hold. But this has nothing to do with an ability to bark orders. By simply being yourself, prepare to see how loved, respected and admired you are.


Two bulls, a father and son, stood at the top of a valley as a large herd of cows grazed below. (Don't worry, this is the family-friendly version!) The son suggests they run down and introduce themselves to some of the cows. The father says they'll walk down and introduce themselves to all of them. In the throes of excitement, we can be oblivious to how to make the most of a wonderful opportunity. Patience can reveal much more a particular opportunity can offer you!

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