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Chatty Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of July


Fantasy or reality? The next five months may blur the lines as Neptune goes retrograde until December 7. You might make a bigger-than-usual sacrifice for a loved one in need, too. A New Moon on the 5th nudges you to create your ultimate sanctuary. By January's Full Moon, aim to be in your dream space. Mars fuels your voice from the 20th until September—use it to heal, not fight. A Full Moon on the 21st spotlights your career. Recognition is coming!


On the 5th, Neptune moves backwards until December 7, casting shadows on your pals and social scene. If you must release a friendship, trust that it will make room for a true, two-way connection. Mars boosts a desire to spend from the 20th until September. Watch the pennies and remember - more 'stuff' won't heal wounds. A Full Moon on the 21st urges you to take the bull by the horns and do something radical. Get ready to take a mind-broadening, bold step!


Neptune rewinds for five months on the 2nd, urging you to assess your career and what fires you up. Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers during this time! A New Moon on the 5th boosts your earnings and ability to make your bank account healthier. On the 20th, Mars enters Gemini until September, sparking energy for a new workout or a bold makeover. A Full Moon on the 21st reveals wealth and intimacy secrets. Ready to take charge of your finances and relationships?


Neptune moves backwards on the 2nd until December. What's your highest purpose? Where do you need to go to unlock your gifts? A course of study, perhaps? A New Moon in Cancer on the 5th encourages you to plant the seeds of your desires. Think about what you truly want to grow over the next six months. From the 20th, secrets may bubble up as Mars stirs suppressed feelings until September. It's time to release past hurts and welcome emotional freedom!


Neptune rewinds on the 2nd, boosting your focus on matters relating to what you owe, own and share until December. Don't lose sight of what matters to you during this time. On the 5th, a New Moon closes a stale chapter, and a fresh one commences. From the 20th until September, Mars urges you to meet, mingle and network like a boss. A Full Moon on the 21st is all about health and wellness. Yoga? New workouts? A kickboxing class? You're spoiled for choice!


Neptune rewinds from the 2nd, shaking relationships for five months. Are you sacrificing too much? On the 5th, a New Moon lights up collaborations, your involvement with groups or how many hands can make lighter work of something. From the 20th until September, Mars boosts your career mojo. Shine bright, but share the credit. A Full Moon on the 21st rolls out the red carpet just for you! Whether single or attached, your romantic allure is cranked up to eleven!


Neptune rewinds on the 2nd, putting health and eating habits under the microscope for five months. How about a food allergy test or checking vitamin levels, too? On the 5th, a New Moon lights up your career goals and direction. On the 20th, Mars fires up your beliefs and morals until September. While patience might wane for differing views, you'll attract like-minded allies. A Full Moon on the 21st spotlights your home life. Looking for a new place? Luna might spark a move!


Neptune reverses from the 2nd, cautioning against being too mysterious in the coming months. People will talk about you, but let them get the real scoop from you during this time and not let the truth get in the way of a good story. On the 5th, a New Moon ignites travel and adventure, urging you to hit the road. Can't travel yet? Start planning a January getaway. A Full Moon on the 21st brings fresh faces into your world. Explore your local vicinity to find like-minded folk!


Neptune reverses on the 2nd, affecting your home and family until December. You adore your clan but might resent the responsibilities you shoulder during this time. On the 5th, a New Moon targets deep bonding and sexuality, igniting sparks in your heart - and elsewhere! Until September 4, Mars intensifies relationships, so be prepared to dig deep for patience and sensitivity. A Full Moon on the 21st highlights money and new ways to make and save cash!


Neptune reverses on the 2nd, making you more discerning about your social circle until December. You might uncover shady details about a friend or group during this period. A New Moon on the 5th offers a fresh start in relationships, possibly igniting a new flame. Until September, Mars boosts your motivation to get fitter! A Full Moon on the 21st rewards hard work over the past six months. You've earned this, but if a path isn't working, pursue a new one.


Neptune grinds backwards on the 2nd, possibly slowing your cash flow. But remember: every "crisis" is a hidden opportunity! On the 5th, a New Moon shines on healthy living. Get ready to make changes! Until September, Mars powers up leisure and pleasure. But watch out—Mars doesn't know when to quit. A Full Moon could connect to the end of a relationship, ditching a bad habit or making a housing decision. It's tough, but you'll soon feel weight lift off your shoulders.


Neptune backtracks in your sign from the 2nd, giving you five months to revive an old talent or rediscover a forgotten part of yourself. On the 5th, a New Moon sparks creativity and romance—don't overthink it, just ride the emotional waves. Until September, Mars fuels home makeover dreams, giving you the energy to rearrange or relocate. A Full Moon on the 21st is perfect for launching a group project. If it's time to part ways, start assembling your next dream team!

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