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Chatty Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – A2

Week starting 21st June


This week, Saturn starts shaking things up behind the scenes, and you may not see a big difference at first. But get ready to toss out the old and embrace the unknown. This is your cosmic excuse to ditch any dead weight and start afresh. Just don't expect a quick fix. Instead, until November while Saturn rewinds, relish the journey of daily chaos and transformation. It's 'spring cleaning' for your soul, so grab the mop and dance with your demons for a change!


Your social scene is about to get a serious review - or overhaul. From this week until November, Saturn hits reverse, so it's time to assess your crew. This isn't about pruning the social tree; it's about uprooting the whole darn forest. If someone's not vibing with your standards, cut them loose and connect with those who are on your page. Embrace the freedom to seek connections that spark joy and dump dead weight. The world is full of better friends; get ready to find some!


It's game on for your career! This week, Saturn moves backwards until November, and you have a golden opportunity to take stock of your professional empire. Forget coasting; it's time to fortify your foundations and build a skyscraper of success! Embrace the grind and transform every setback into a stepping stone. The office is your battlefield, and you're the conqueror. Sharpen your ambitions, strengthen your strategies, and watch the world bow to your brilliance.


This week, strict Saturn moves backwards, encouraging you to sift through what you learned from recent adventures and mind-broadening experiences. Until November, be prepared to dig deep to find what truly makes your heart race. It's time for some 'intellectual house-cleaning.' Toss the superficial and embrace the substantial. You're on a journey of discovery, and it's all about finding the truth that resonates with your core. So, strap in and get ready to redefine your limits!


This week, Saturn moves backwards until November. As the ringed planet rewinds, you're encouraged to assess your most intense bonds. Some connections might not survive the scrutiny, but that's okay. This is your chance to weed out the weak links and strengthen those that truly matter. Don't bite off more than you can chew, though – this is about quality, not quantity. Embrace the intensity and transform relationships into unbreakable alliances!


As karmic Saturn begins a five-month backward journey, a new level of assessment is aimed at your relationships and partnerships. Which one-to-one connection do you genuinely feel can stand the test of time, and which needs cutting loose? Whether it's in romance or business, only the strong will survive. Get ready to get real about your bonds and put in the work to make them rock-solid. Tests are coming, and your ultimate power duos will reveal themselves.


From this week until November, your work routine receives a cosmic kick. Saturn moves backwards and may set up obstacles designed to make you stronger. Forget the easy path; you're about to conquer challenges like a boss. Your problem-solving skills will also be put to the ultimate test. Embrace the daily grind and turn every roadblock into a stepping stone. You've got the tools to handle anything the universe throws your way. Now, go out there and prove it!


Karmic Saturn moves backwards from this week until mid-November, pushing you to express feelings and creativity with raw, unfiltered honesty. As the ringed planet rewinds, you'll need to dig deep into your soul and unleash your inner artist. Any project you've been toying with? It may be your next masterpiece. This isn't just about creativity, though – it's about harnessing passion so it has a profound, lasting impact. Let your heart and muse lead the way!


From this week until November, your home life receives a cosmic renovation. Saturn moves backwards, spotlighting your domestic realm and any adjustments needed. Whether you deal with family dramas or tackle home improvements, it's time to solidify your sanctuary. Your home base is your launchpad to greatness – so make it sturdy, make it shine and let it support your most important dreams. Get ready to make your life's foundations unshakeable!


As Saturn begins a five-month backward move, you'll feel pushed to align your speech with actions during the coming months. Forget the fluff; it's time for unvarnished truth. Own your narrative and speak with conviction. Remember, your truth is unique, and differences help real connections to be forged. Embrace dialogue, find common ground and spot the magic in the spaces in between. Let your voice be the catalyst for change and unity!


Money talks, and from this week until November, finances shout for you to take control of them. This isn't about penny-pinching; it's about seeing a bigger monetary picture. Saturn wants to help you understand the true value of what you've got and make it work for you. So, get ready to transform your current financial strategy to pave the way for future prosperity. This is your cosmic MBA, so study hard, play smart and watch your financial circumstances become more solid.


As Saturn in your sign moves backwards until November, your self-worth receives potent focus. Saturn will push and test you to understand yourself on a profound level. This isn't a quick journey, but every moment's worth it. Explore how you present yourself to the world and refine your self-expression. This introspection phase will result in a stronger, more authentic 'you'. Get ready to learn from your actions and mistakes to transform into the best version of yourself!

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