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Chatty Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – A2

Week starting 22nd September


This week, assumptions are your biggest enemy. That's why you mustn't fall down a slippery slope that involves believing others automatically know what you think or feel. If you leave any room for guesswork, problems can arise. So, seize superb cosmic support on offer to express yourself articulately and leave no gaps for misunderstanding regarding why something matters to you as much as it does. Do that, and you'll do your part with meeting others halfway.


You have an impressive, natural ability to find or create fun, attract wealth and possess creativity that's often overlooked. But there are times when your grounded, practical vibe and intense desire to create and maintain stability and predictability make each of these qualities difficult to spot. This week, somebody wants to see you let your hair down and release your fun side. So go on, indulge them!


This week, a conversation you probably sensed was coming could happen. Chances are, you've taken this seriously enough to do some deep inward-looking to raise a particular matter with the right levels of sensitivity. You're also correct to believe a direct approach involving no beating around bushes is the right one. Even if somebody finds what you say uncomfortable, they'll at least appreciate the honesty underpinning it.


Do we buy anything from a salesperson who clearly doesn't care about what we need or helping us? Rarely. That's why I believe Cancerians like your good self make the best salespeople. You possess impressive levels of empathy and are proof that enthusiasm sells! This week, your charm and personal magnetism are off the scale. You could probably persuade anyone of just about anything. But do be selective about where you focus this superpower.


It's well-known that Leos, like your good self, tend to enjoy being in control. That doesn't make you manipulative, far from it. But in the same way a lion looks out for its pride, your natural protective instincts can often detect what's best for others. This week, you could excel at rising to a challenge that not only allows you to control a situation but keep it in calm, manageable territory. Your confidence and fearlessness could save the day on more than one occasion.


Get ready to inject fresh energy into your world, Virgo! Even if you haven't got plans in the pipeline that involve broadening your mind, travel or anything adventurous, you could feel inspired to create some. But in the unlikely event you're unsure about how to bring more spontaneity or an adrenaline surge to your world, look to your friends or social circles for inspiration. Something they did that was fun and memorable could be right up your alley!


This could be a week when you lay proverbial cards on the table and possibly in more than one way. You could feel a strong urge to speak your mind or offer a point of view you have recently suppressed. But even if you have tricky or awkward topics to discuss, it really is a case of better out than in. You're helped to be open and honest with at least one person. But try not to be brutally honest to the point where you say too much or your words inflict pain.


We tend to dislike or take personally anyone talking about us behind our backs. But it's worth remembering that successful people are talked about most and receive the lion's share of criticism. This week, you may be aware of how you are the topic of conversation within certain circles. Should this bother you? Not at all! In fact, people are likely to speak about you positively and maybe even passionately. So, be more concerned if people aren't talking about you!


There is certainly truth in the old saying about how we tend to regret what we didn't do in life more than what we did. As a Sagittarian, you're probably more open-minded or receptive to out-of-the-blue opportunities or embarking upon spontaneous adventures. That puts you in a better position than most to accept opportunities, challenges and possibly invitations that come your way this week. The universe supports these, which makes them worth seizing!


Everybody wants to feel needed. However, when too many demands are made on our time, we become aware of the truth in the old saying about being unable to please everyone all the time! This week, you could be in demand by others and possibly someone in particular. It may be your natural sense of grounding and practicality that is sought after. Regardless of how busy your diary might be, set aside time this week for anyone who needs you.


This week, you'll likely be aware of how communication takes on new levels of depth or moves into more interesting territory. However, as much as you may welcome this, it could also create defensiveness and cautiousness on your part. If you sense any change conceals a hidden motive or agenda, push such thoughts aside. Your interactions with someone or others change for good reasons, and it's important to embrace what alters rather than question or resist it.


This week, Mercury widens communication lines with your most important relationships or one in particular. The winged planet also connects with Jupiter, adding its brand of positivity and optimism to discussions. So, where any conversations may have veered into pessimistic territory, you could feel relieved to discover they head in positive, inspiring directions. Don't underestimate what you and somebody can bring or create by drawing on each other's enthusiasm.

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