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Love Chatty Daily Horoscopes

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Monday 25th September


You're helped to find the perfect words to communicate your most deeply held values without inhibitions or guilt. As Mercury links with Jupiter, you can share your thoughts and feelings openly, and the chances of a lover or potential flame hearing and understanding you are extra high. The best outcome of any conversation can be yours!


Buoyant Jupiter in your sign fist bumps chatty Mercury, widening communication lines with true love and heartfelt expression. So, now is a good time to start any delayed discussion because it can include fun and frivolity that might not normally be present in one-to-one exchanges. Take advantage of this wonderful chance to initiate chats and keep them flowing calmly and sweetly.


You're likely prepared for a chat with you-know-who. If you've got a serious issue to raise, now is an ideal time to do it, as your ruling planet, Mercury links with big and bold Jupiter. You might also be tempted to make a big move to get someone's attention. But asking someone special to set aside dedicated time for you is how any chat can be underpinned with calmness.


Chatty Mercury encourages more communication, allowing you to convey a captivating romantic vision for someone special to immerse themselves in. In fact, you might even underestimate how persuasive you are, not only because words can flow effortlessly but also because your charm is turned up big time! So, harness your ability carefully and aim it where it's needed most.


A lover could experience an emotional avalanche – or more to the point, it may be you who experiences it if you're on the receiving end! However, what emerges has probably been festering for a while, so focus on how whatever they say is better out than in. A blend of patience and sensitivity helps you stay positive and calm, even if you deal with a tricky or an awkward topic.


Your love life receives a wonderful boost of vitality now! Unusual, mind-expanding romantic encounters could appeal to you as Mercury whizzes through your sign. But as the winged planet waltzes with Jupiter, you can see the connection between passionate progress and embracing fun and pleasure on offer. Inspiration awaits, and your love life wants to flourish from it!


Got emotional cards you want to lay on the table? An open discussion about your passionate aspirations can happen. In fact, any intimacy-related issue or difficulty can be openly discussed more easily now, so seize your chance, Libra. Even if you don't believe you have a matter to bring into the open, see what asking more confidently for what you want intimately brings you!


If a lover or partner is more open than usual, don't play it down or be seen to take their vulnerability for granted. Once you see what deeper openness from them brings, you could give it a try yourself as talkative Mercury links with flamboyant Jupiter, affecting relationships. A new and helpful two-way precedent with spilling emotional beans can be set!


A romantic or relationship matter could turn into something unnecessarily dramatic, so beware. Also, as much as two-way vulnerability is encouraged, you'll need to dig deeper for patience and tact. But remember not to take love too seriously. Bring some Saggitarian lightheartedness and positivity to matters of the heart. Both will quash drama trying to manifest.


A thrill could be on offer – courtesy of a lover or potential flame! Showy Mercury links with ginormous Jupiter to amplify leisure, pleasure and adventurousness in your world. So, you could find someone special has nifty ideas to bring sweet and sexy spontaneity to your bond. Single? An intriguing invitation could be too good to turn down. Romance could be on the cards!


Love needs you to take a chance – and this can lead to creating or enhancing stability in your emotional world or a special bond. But the love gods also urge you to take realistic steps with whatever you intend to do to make passionate progress. So, your mission in the name of love is to do something spontaneous while keeping a firm grasp on reality. Sound easy enough?


Your playful, romantic qualities shine brilliantly now, capturing the attention of a lover or someone you'd like to be closer to. Communication may also be more passionate as Mercury stimulates relationships and links with have-it-large Jupiter, affecting how you think and talk. Instead of being cautious toward passionate exchanges, lean confidently and optimistically into the experience!

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