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Love Chatty Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – AL2

Week starting 12th April


Your ego could get in the way of passionate progress this week. With Venus in your sign connecting with Saturn, you may try to enforce your will over a romantic partner or someone you'd like to be closer to. Your heart is in the right place with all that you say and do. But try to take a step back to see how love and passion can manifest without laying down laws or coming across as bossy or authoritative. It's all sexy to a point.


Your romantic life could feel more detached and introspective. As your ruling planet, Venus, influences dreams, secrets and subconscious thoughts, your mind's creations and what you keep concealed benefit from a wave of warmth. However, Saturn ensures your long-term romantic or intimate goals don't cross the line of realism. Having a stronger sense of what is achievable in the name of love can and should be inspiring, not deflating. Focus on that, Taurus!


Long-term relationship goals could be on your mind this week. However, as socialite Venus activates friendships and wishes connecting with Saturn affecting your ambitions, you might feel torn about what or who you truly desire. Perhaps you long for independence in a love connection but also want to aim higher with matters of the heart and flesh. You might be able to have your cake and eat it, too. But a lesson could arrive confirming that you can't rush into both.


A complicated week for relationships could also be clarifying. Charming Venus, affecting your reputation and status, connects with Saturn, influencing bold steps and what could be yours romantically or intimately by removing yourself from a comfort zone. Trusting that you can achieve the ambitious, romantic and intimate goals you yearn to experience is the first step to making them real. Believing is your ticket to finally moving something forward.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, adds warmth and maybe a touch of luxury to exploration and journeys. As Venus links with Saturn, you could feel ready to go beyond your usual passionate or intimate boundaries. However, at the same time, cautiousness could kick in, pushing you to hit the pause button on that passionate plan. If you're anxious about making yourself vulnerable with someone, try taking small, gentle steps.


Your passionate needs and desires receive considerable focus this week. However, expressing them could be tricky or feel stifling. Venus adds warmth to erotic energy, emotional intimacy and sexuality, connecting with strict Saturn, affecting your relationships and partnerships. So, you might get the message that what you want from a partner is too much. But listen to your gut instincts, Virgo. Some passionate boundaries need and deserve to be pushed!


A relationship could receive potent focus, bringing both joy and stress. Love planet Venus illuminates significant long-term partnerships and links with strict, inhibitive Saturn. This might bring new rules and boundaries with your partner or someone you're in the process of getting closer to. But being honest, brave and direct with your paramour can help you overcome what feels or is on the verge of feeling stifling. Let sensibility dictate your actions, not emotions.


Getting down to the details of your relationship world could bring a breakthrough this week. As loving Venus warms up your daily activities and connects with Saturn, affecting deep, heartfelt expression, it's important to articulate your feelings—every last one of them. If you leave something pertinent out to avoid an argument, it might come back to bite you. Putting it all out on the table as kindly as you can is your best bet.


Finding time for pleasure in your emotional world is essential this week. As beauty queen Venus stimulates love and romance while connecting with Saturn, you may experience a shake in what you need to feel secure and emotionally stable. Whether solo or partnered, remind yourself that you deserve to feel good, regardless of how you're made to feel like you haven't earned that right. Spot a source of happiness that resonates with you, claim it and plunge deeply into it!


Amorous Venus warms up your domestic affairs while connecting with your ruling planet, Saturn. This can cause tension between you and a lover or long-term partner you live with—maybe even an ex who has moved out. However, you can find a resolution and strengthen or deepen a bond. Progress relies on a grounded, practical chat or exchange. Nothing fanciful, superfluous or that comes straight from La La Land can feature in this.


You may be full of sweet words and sentiments this week, but what you really feel inside could be tricky to get to grips with. With Venus warming up communication and connecting with inhibitive Saturn, it's important to acknowledge the limits to what you can and should say. If you sit with your core emotions before saying anything to a lover, partner or crush, you'll gain a much clearer idea about what you want, which can lead to a clearer conversation.


Venus lights up your cash situation, possibly making it easy to splurge. However, your charitableness could backfire as Venus links with Saturn in your sign. It's nice to want to be seen treating those close to you or someone special to life's finer things. But this can't be done at the expense of your security. Don't break the bank to be unnecessarily generous or try to sweep someone off their feet when something without a price tag could be so much better.

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