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Love Chatty Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – AL2

Week starting 19th July


Hold onto your hat, Aries, because you could set the dating scene on fire during the coming weeks! Single and mingling? You're about to become the hottest ticket in town. From this week until September, the spotlight's on you as Mars ignites your flirtation mojo. Keep cards close and let a little mystery linger as you play the field. Attached? Expect emotions to get raw and real. Walk the tightrope between spilling your tea and keeping secrets.


Get ready to bulldoze your way into romance! From this week until September, bold moves will likely pay off in spades. Mars supercharges your confidence, and it's time to grab love by the horns. Dare to ask out that crush or whisper those three magic words. You know what you want, and you're not afraid to go after it. Remember, in the game of love, the brave steal the show. Fortune adores the bold – and you and fortune are about to get along wonderfully!


Gemini, you're the cat's pyjamas and the bees' knees! With Mars igniting your sign from this week until September, your allure is off the charts. This is your time to strut your stuff, take bold leaps, and set hearts on fire. In a relationship? Prepare for your desires to skyrocket. Single? The dating pool is yours to dominate. Confidence is sexy, and fearlessness is your ticket to unforgettable romance. Embrace your inner diva and let the world bask in your glow!


Let your wildest fantasies take the wheel during the coming weeks! From this week until September, Mars heats up your dreamy vibes, and you'll dive deep into the realms of romantic imagination. Mars will soon spice things up if your love life's been a snooze. Cook up wild, exciting ideas and let them loose. Connect with your ultimate romantic vision and watch your love life transform from dull to dazzling. It's been a while since daydreaming was this delicious!


Expect wish-come-true moments in love during the coming weeks! Someone's grand gestures will leave you breathless as Mars ignites long-term passionate hopes and wishes. From this week until September, a lover's or partner's efforts will paint your world with romance. Bask in the adoration, and don't forget to shower them with gratitude, too. Being ungrateful is so last season. Enjoy the sweet spoils of love, and remember, manners make romance even sweeter!


When you know what you want, you go for it with a vengeance! From this week until September, Mars revs up your ambition in the Love Department. Whether you're single or taken, you're on a mission to turn romantic dreams into reality. Discuss your visions with your partner or a close friend and prepare for a flood of brilliant ideas. Sift through them, pick the juiciest ones and let the magic unfold. Your determination is your secret weapon in love from this week onward!


Get ready to spice things up by shaking up routines in the coming weeks! From this week until September, Mars catapults you into a realm of adventurous intimacy. Brainstorm wild, sexy ways to keep things fresh and exciting – and actually do them! Even if you're winging it, embrace the thrill of trying something new. Forget about perfection and focus on fun. Your love life is about to become a rollercoaster of joy and exhilaration.


Prepare for a sizzling period of passion! From this week until September, Mars turns up the heat on intimate encounters. Whether single or committed, your love life is about to reach a fever pitch. Dive headfirst into the dating scene or turn up the heat with your paramour. Passionate conversations could lead to even more passionate actions. Be brave, make the first move and let the sparks fly. This is your time to shine in the bedroom - and beyond!


Your love life is about to overflow with passion! From this week until September, Mars injects your relationships with a potent mix of passionate spice. Single or taken, you're driven by a newfound boldness. Experiment with daring approaches to love and let your inner flirt run wild during the coming weeks. You'll love what passionate proactivity brings you, so get ready for a period of heart-thumping excitement with one-to-one connections or one in particular.


Bored with the mundane in your love life? From this week until September, you're helped to revamp your romantic routine! Mars shakes things up and injects excitement where it's needed. Plan spontaneous dates, try new activities and surprise your paramour in wonderfully impromptu ways. More sexy spontaneity is on offer, but don't just wish for more daily excitement; create it. Even a tiny bit of effort can turn what has been 'meh' into something magnificent!


Wow, things get steamy during the coming weeks! From this week until September, Mars turns up the heat on romantic escapades. Let feelings run wild and get caught up in the enhanced passion and indulgences on offer. Enjoy the playful, flirty side of love. Let your guard down and bask in thrills. Your mission is to have fun and embrace the joy of dating, mating and relating. When the universe wants you to enjoy more leisure and pleasure in your world, it happens!


From this week until September, feelings could deepen to an oceanic level. Mars stirs your emotional depths, making your heart race. Whether it's a lover or friend you're looking at differently, it's time to share feelings. Boldly confess your love and watch the magic unfold. The coming weeks are ideal for seeking more commitment or expressing your desires. Love is calling, Pisces, and your heart's ready to answer. Dive in and let the waves of passion engulf you!

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