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English Health & Fitness Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – EN-HF3

Month of May


You could hardly feel better: You are relaxed and well-balanced. You use your time sensibly and you finally have enough free time to dedicate yourself to inner contemplation and introspection. You can support this by different meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

In this way you will achieve surprising deeper insights.


It's time for you to change your lifestyle habits. It will be easier than usual. Even if it's hard to impose limits or break habits, you're still anxious to try out something new.

Look for something that does your health good in the long term – be it Nordic walking or low fat Mediterranean cuisine. That way you do not only do something good for your body but also remain mentally alert.


Even if you feel great at the moment it doesn't mean that you don't have to test your body anymore. After all, you didn't buy your running shoes just to leave them in the cupboard! Jog in the morning, grab your bike instead of your car or the metro in the afternoon and finish the day by swimming some laps at the pool. You will not regret it.


All these disputes will affect your energy. If you do a lot of physical exercise, you will be able to reduce your inner tensions. Long walks or sports like swimming and cycling are very helpful in this respect.

What is also important: your need for sleep is greater than usual – in any case you should see to that too.


Even if you are somewhat frustrated or if you're having disagreements with others, don't overdo your fitness programme. You tend to have an extreme attitude to things and want to force success to happen. In this way you'll just end up annoying others or may sustain injuries.


A rolling stone gathers no moss. Write this down and stick it on your fridge! You are enjoying feeling well and are enjoying life to its fullest, although at times you push it a little too far. Start working on your fitness and your stamina again, because in this way you make provision for the hard times.


Do only a little sport. Even if you think you're capable of more, be cautious and pay attention to each and every warning signal from your body. That way you can prevent a minor injury from turning into a tedious and painful one.


It's quite possible that your inner tensions lead to headaches and an overall feeling of exhaustion. Listen to your inner voice to find out what your body and mind need right now, since you can do a lot through your own efforts. Sometimes the small things can let you recover and become more vital.

Try to drink a little less alcohol and get enough sleep!.


You need to be careful with your health at the moment. You tend to overestimate your health and your physical capacity for the time being. Listen to the advice of your doctor and do not put yourself under pressure to succeed.

Sometimes less is simply more - remember that when you get on your running shoes or exercise at the gym.


Your health is probably unsound and under stress. Plan on sufficient rest periods in your everyday life and plan your leisure time accordingly. Vitamin-packed nourishment is very important for you as well at the moment.

Do everything you can to strengthen your body's defences; that way you'll be able to prevent a severe cold.


You are highly energetic and feel wonderful. Currently you don't expect any problems – only the ones for which you are responsible yourself. At the moment any kind of pleasure can quickly turn into excessive behaviour since you are very prone to addiction.

You need to set up strict rules for yourself. It is better to impose self-sacrifice than continually give in to temptation.


The ease with which you're going through life can have negative effects as well. Too little is being demanded from you and you lose your motivation. Your body is probably slowing down too.

Above all you need to keep your mind at it – psychology based motivation workshop could help. You can redress your balance with this kind of coaching.

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