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English Health & Fitness Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – EN-HF3

Month of November


As your body and soul are in a great shape your charisma is very positive. Use your energy to get your circulation going. If you have been thinking about registering at the fitness studio or starting a new sport lately now is a great time to do it.


Your harmonious emotional life is in balance with your body. Sometimes you feel ready to take on anything; you need to release these positive energies. Maybe you can make the important decision to begin a healthier lifestyle – pay attention to what your body is telling you.


You feel alive and kicking and are enjoying a lot of leisure time. Unfortunately you tend to be a little lazy and let your fitness programme slide from time to time. Use your energy and show everyone that you are not a couch potato.

There is a pleasant side effect - you provide for times when you will depend on your body's power reserves.


There is a lot of energy inside of you that wants to be used at the moment. Don't stay on your couch at home but throw yourself into nature. You don't have to do a serious sport.

Some running or cycling outside combined with healthy nourishment and an adequate amount of sleep will make you feel really well physically.


You are highly energetic and feel wonderful. Currently you don't expect any problems – only the ones for which you are responsible yourself. At the moment any kind of pleasure can quickly turn into excessive behaviour since you are very prone to addiction.

You need to set up strict rules for yourself. It is better to impose self-sacrifice than continually give in to temptation.


You literally feel like a million dollars. Don't let this thirst for action and all this energy pass you by - start a new sport. You will really like it and probably won't want to stop anymore.

Because of this you are not only doing something for your health, but also improving your physical well-being. And that enhances your positive view of life.


The challenges that you are currently facing require in-depth knowledge of yourself. Profound introspection is needed. Take enough time for this and create a quiet atmosphere for it.

Reflect on different situations, observe your behaviour and explore the reasons for them. In this way you gain clarity and become more aware.


To recover from all your efforts you need longer relaxation periods than usual. Make use of this time not only for relaxation but also to find yourself. Reflect on what you have achieved, what you still want to achieve and what you need to do that.

When you become active again you will be much more aware of it. In this way you will grow as a person by attempting your set goals.


Relaxation is an important factor for your health – so make sure that you are getting enough of it. As a first step schedule your day in a sensible way, so that you can meet all your obligations without getting stressed out. Secondly, plan for relaxation phases.

You don't have to feel bad about not getting things done – in this way you are creating the basis for an active life.


You are very fit, curious and are striving for action. Rather than constantly doing the things you always do, try out some new ones. Take a trip to a far exotic land.

Plan it well beforehand. What is most important is that you can be active and get to know as much about the foreign culture as possible. Your body and mind should be engaged at the same time.


Even if you are somewhat frustrated or if you're having disagreements with others, don't overdo your fitness programme. You tend to have an extreme attitude to things and want to force success to happen. In this way you'll just end up annoying others or may sustain injuries.


You make the most difference in a team at the moment – this applies to sports as well. If you are not able to motivate yourself just let the others do it for you. Team sports are just right for you; that way you can apply your skills ideally and learn from others at the same time.

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