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English Monthly Horoscopes

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Month of September


If you make any unfortunate mistakes others charitably look the other way, otherwise it appears your good fortune ensures a positive outcome. You’re functioning well, but need to exercise a higher degree of control and be more cautious, or the good fortune you experience diminishes as fast as it appeared. Tolerant of others’ mistakes, no-one is likely to argue with you.

In addition there are some openings to consider from unusual people that are fascinating, who capture your attention and find intriguing. Take a little time for yourself and indulge in your thoughts. Consider some sort of long term commitment – they’re likely to bring rewards, so long as you consider them carefully and get the guarantees you require!.


Your confidence plus the cool, calm and collected way you approach every situation or matters of importance signals to others your intensions that may result in constructive collaboration with colleagues or pleasant experiences with your partner, friends or family. Use your optimism to resolve past issues or make new plans. When interacting with others, amazing things happen, leading to improved physical fitness and mental fulfillment.

You circumstances are improved where finance is concerned and you’re able to make a few good investments or pay back some debts. That too provides some relief and a greater sense of satisfaction.


Confident of success, you let others know you want to proceed in a calm and considered way. You receive some well-deserved praise, start a project or are about to begin some enjoyable, inspiring activities with friends or your partner. Where sports are concerned, team activities motivate you most – the success of the group means more to you than winning as an individual.

You’re often too generous with your money because financially you feel secure. Where cash is concerned, spend wisely and in moderation.


You have the freedom to give consideration to your personal relationships. Contacts that weren’t possible previously materialize bringing useful information and on-going friendships might develop as a result. Be brave and expand your circle of friends.

Perhaps someone introduces you to a new hobby which improves your levels of fitness, is also fun and enjoyable as well. Where both love and money matters are concerned you’re lucky with speculation – but it’s all about getting your timing exactly right and gauging any move you make properly.


Somehow you have the feeling that fate is playing games and you’re rather unsettled by this. Your expectations may not be fulfilled and you sense from the comments you receive, criticism instead of well-meant advice. When you’re with your family you try to avoid conflict and clear up any misunderstandings but you may not always succeed.

You try to get away from it all by doing some sports and run the risk of overexerting yourself, if you’re not extra careful. In addition you’re pushing your luck too far where finances are concerned and may possibly end up making losses. A somewhat passive attitude towards things is a more preferable and helpful option to take in the circumstances, much less forthright than you are used to behaving.


You’re able to enjoy yourself, finding it easy to accomplish outstanding tasks or issues that you have previously overlooked or put on hold. Full of vitality and energy, when you share your enthusiasm you’re able to create memorable experiences with other people you meet as well as those you care about most. Your vitality extends to all your activities, make sure you find enough time for sporting action and exercise in your daily routine.

In money matters, there may be some pleasant surprises. If you’re given praise or a reward, don’t be too proud to accept it.


You have the opportunity to prove how capable you are in dealing with success. You might be criticized and have to find some good defensive arguments, without becoming overly emotional about them. In your private life too, some people might criticize you in a well-meaning way.

You should really accept this, because, after all, nobody is perfect! Take enough breaks and lighten up. Sport is relaxing, if it’s not overdone. Having created a secure financial base keep it by refraining from any unwise or risky speculation.


Superficially most matters concerning your personal life and work related issues appear to be satisfactory. However you experience a level of dissatisfaction that makes you feel abnormally empty, fatigued and discontented. Inwardly inquire to discover the reasons for the uneasiness you’re experiencing and become more thoughtful.

Take the time to discuss the nature of the life you share with those you are closest to, come to a better understanding of each other’s wishes, hopes and dreams for the future. Eventually by applying your focus to more positive attributes of your situation, enthusiasm and joy return. Whatever you do, don’t try to overcompensate for the temporary feeling of emptiness with material things or gambling, since you are likely to incur needless losses.


It’s difficult for you to show any self-restraint. Your conduct is erratic, needlessly extravagant and your friends and those people closest to you are unsure of what you’re likely to do next or even able to feel confident about your attitude towards them. Financially, it’s important you show caution, any rashness may lead to negative consequences for your hard-earned cash.

It’s better to practice self-discipline and avoid any fanciful or risky ideas that seem attractive. Be far more self-critical and take time to listen to your inner voice. Maybe you’re taking on too much – if so, take a rest.

It’s not worth damaging your situation, your health or friendships by taking on too much.


With self-confidence and creative energy, the often unconventional methods you decide to use allow you to deal with any kind of challenge effectively, convincing the most stubborn of your critics that you’re a person to be reckoned with. Continually longing to try out something new, this affects how your relationships develop. Always ready to listen to others, you feel an affinity with people totally different from yourself and are able to foster new acquaintances that have the potential to develop in unexpected ways.

You’re in good physical shape, so satisfy your need for action by burning off your spare energy with some sports activity or exercise.


You’re not afraid of making mistakes and feel totally confident about your abilities. It seems that luck is on your side, allowing you to achieve excellent results - but be cautious – your success is much more likely to be dependent on your own individual effort and abilities, not on luck alone. Whether you’re single or living with someone, be as considerate as you can in the way you behave towards them – otherwise you appear arrogant and self-centered.

You have a tendency to push things too far. Where your health is concerned, try to take things more slowly and use your common sense. In financial matters don’t be afraid to refuse to get involved in certain monetary transactions, especially the riskier ones.


Previously you have baulked at taking on too much responsibility or shied away from difficult tasks, but you’re able to deal with them far more easily than you realize. In discussions you’re so much more confident that even your rivals have to admire what you have to contribute. You want to help others - you can settle arguments, cheer up people or encourage them to do more.

Raise your fitness program to a higher level, since you feel you’re capable of so much more. Previous decisions about your financial standing and matters to do with money have paid off, so keep going on the same track.

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