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English Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – U3

Month of February


Previously you have baulked at taking on too much responsibility or shied away from difficult tasks, but you’re able to deal with them far more easily than you realize. In discussions you’re so much more confident that even your rivals have to admire what you have to contribute. You want to help others - you can settle arguments, cheer up people or encourage them to do more.

Raise your fitness program to a higher level, since you feel you’re capable of so much more. Previous decisions about your financial standing and matters to do with money have paid off, so keep going on the same track.


Wherever you go you discover something new, become more inspired and aware. Other people appreciate your abilities to network which adds impetus and momentum, giving your endeavors the finishing touch. You receive positive feedback, enjoy conversing, interacting and exchanging useful information.

You talk to your loved ones a lot and in this way you’re able to understand them, sort out previous disagreements and avoid future arguments. Where your health is concerned, you discover an affinity for, and you’re able to delve into different disciplines, such as Asian practices like Qi Gong or Yoga and are tempted to try them out. They’re used to train the mind too! Your financial situation improves and you’re able to make profitable decisions.


Nothing disrupts the composure you feel. Everything’s proceeding as expected; you’re likely to find success and be rewarded for your endeavors. You’re not going straight for the final outcome, but are making your way there step by step.

In private, too, your sense of composure is very important: You’re full of understanding and patience, even with demanding people. Your inner satisfaction makes you neglect sports activities, because you feel great without doing them. Try to organize some activity in a group, then you find any exercise is far easier to undertake.

Check out investments for their long-term use and security aspects.


Confident of success, you let others know you want to proceed in a calm and considered way. You receive some well-deserved praise, start a project or are about to begin some enjoyable, inspiring activities with friends or your partner. Where sports are concerned, team activities motivate you most – the success of the group means more to you than winning as an individual.

You’re often too generous with your money because financially you feel secure. Where cash is concerned, spend wisely and in moderation.


Your strategy for living is muddled and unclear. You try your best but aren’t able to accomplish very much. You then end up blaming others! In your personal life, you needlessly start discussions, merely to satisfy your ego and make you feel important.

By getting involved in an exercise regime or doing some sports activity you’re able to come to terms with yourself and how you feel, as long as you’re careful about the amount of effort you expend. In money matters, don’t make the mistake of assuming your success is all down to your efforts alone. Be self-critical about your motives and restrict or cut back on your financial activities.


With creative ideas, willpower and some luck you’re able to start new projects or solve difficult tasks far more easily than normal. You are free to explore new vistas and share your experiences with those you care for most, there are no difficult obstacles standing in your way to prevent you from making the most of your good fortune. Others see you as an open-minded, positive person and find you good company.

In matters of finance there is nothing to be overly concerned about. Your generosity is repaid, or you are returned money you previously lent. Since your health is good, you enjoy every day to the full.

Just don’t make the mistake of becoming too smug or self-satisfied. Time is too precious.


You feel rather insecure about your circumstances and less than certain about the possible outcomes. You make a real effort, but feel this isn’t appreciated or that you’re being criticized unfairly. In the private, you start off feeling joyful, sociable and in a good mood but soon become dejected and inclined to be more unsympathetic in the way you behave towards others.

You must respect those people who want to support you. Normally proud of your self-control and good money sense, you feel able to pursue your ambitions even further. Don’t overdo it.

This phase is far more easily dealt with when you adopt a steady determination approach which others find tolerable.


Obsessed with all that concerns you and you alone, you‘re indifferent to the wishes of people closest to you, those you are supposed to care about most and as a result they resent the way you behave towards them. You take the view that perusing your goals to maximum effect is worth the short term upset and you can make it up to them in the future, but there is a limit to how far others will tolerate such conduct. You have to consider if, in the long run material gains make you happy and whether it’s worth distancing yourself from those you love and who care about you.

You find circumstances demand a great deal of effort and take up a lot of your time. Concentrate on finding an inner balance and composure in matters of health and fitness as well as make sure you attend to financial issues with the utmost of care.


You achieve a great deal if you practice a little more self-restraint. You’re feeling uneasy and this makes you careless with money. Even if you think you‘re able to afford it, do consider carefully before you rush into financial ventures and understand how easy it is to lose the money you have accumulated, but much harder to earn it! Show some consideration for the people you love most and let them know that you do actually care for them, rather than making others suffer as a result of your insecurities.

Appreciate the consequences this kind of conduct can have – then it’s easier to control yourself. Health-wise, don’t overdo the food or stimulants.


Optimism enlivens your personality and helps to show off your positive features. Your playful sense of fun and creative flair makes you popular. Tasks are easier for you to complete, you’re able to incorporate your enthusiasm and new found energy to make a success of activities you undertake.

Enjoying your leisure time activities far more, you consider trying out a new sport or think about trying a new exercise regime, now’s the time to do it. Be bold! If you feel financially secure and if can afford it, be more generous, set something new in motion, invest or buy something pleasant for yourself and your loved ones.


You feel strong and confident in your abilities, perhaps over confident and liable to exaggerate your capabilities. You reach your limit far quicker than you expect and possibly end up failing. So take things slowly and see what’s realistic, how far you can really push the limits of what’s possible.

Be ready to cooperate and don’t be too outspoken, so no-one is insulted or compromised. Don’t irritate your loved ones by being arrogant or demanding. Be self-critical and work out what your own wishes and goals are.

The effort you make is worthwhile. You need peaceful surroundings to do it, so make sure they are. Spend just as much time as needed in attending to your finances and investments.


You receive the recognition you deserve and your reputation is enhanced by improvements you make to your overall outlook. Self-confidence and aptitude enable you to progress in whatever field of expertise you choose. Consider whether you actually want the extra responsibilities.

In the private sphere and with your partner, the experiences you share are exhilarating and pleasurable. If single, you’re irresistible and get lots of offers. You stand a good chance of getting into a steady relationship.

This positive feeling can only improve as you feel a sense of satisfaction all-round. Any fitness training you’ve been doing has definitely contributed to this. You’re making headway with regards to your finances which you’ve worked hard for.

Don‘t become too greedy.

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