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English Monthly Horoscopes

Feed – U3

Month of June


Your strategy for living is muddled and unclear. You try your best but aren’t able to accomplish very much. You then end up blaming others! In your personal life, you needlessly start discussions, merely to satisfy your ego and make you feel important.

By getting involved in an exercise regime or doing some sports activity you’re able to come to terms with yourself and how you feel, as long as you’re careful about the amount of effort you expend. In money matters, don’t make the mistake of assuming your success is all down to your efforts alone. Be self-critical about your motives and restrict or cut back on your financial activities.


When you pay more attention to what others say you find that any prior misunderstandings are settled with ease. In your personal life, people like to spend time in your company and appreciate your ideas and the stimulating suggestions you make. You attach great importance on being with them in this relaxed way.

Even if sometimes you prefer to take things easy, it’s far more meaningful to participate in activities you find more exciting. Any tensions you felt recently completely disappear. Alternatively just juggling with your financial resources, although you find this lucrative, you don’t feel totally satisfied or find it as rewarding as making improvements to your social life.


Having the foresight and sense to take another step towards accomplishing your goals, you put forward a project you always wanted make a reality. You receive the means and actually have the time to do it, or you might travel to your dream destination, preferably with your partner or another person close to you, experiencing things together in a more profound way and drawing long-term inspiration. You’re more likely to use your instinct for money matters to enable you to take a break or obtain a more than satisfactory outcome to your activities.

Start a new sports activity which you always wanted to try, see how easy you find it and how much good it does you.


You have the opportunity to prove how capable you are in dealing with success. You might be criticized and have to find some good defensive arguments, without becoming overly emotional about them. In your private life too, some people might criticize you in a well-meaning way.

You should really accept this, because, after all, nobody is perfect! Take enough breaks and lighten up. Sport is relaxing, if it’s not overdone. Having created a secure financial base keep it by refraining from any unwise or risky speculation.


Jupiter is behind you, giving you the energy to fly high. Use this to go for the seemingly impossible at work, by going through the procedure step by step and sticking to your ambitious plan. You long for some peace and calm in your private life, and can clear up any misunderstandings with a quiet talk straight away.

Right now you want to test your limits where your physical fitness is concerned – maybe you’ll train for a competition. In financial matters you have everything under control and make the right decisions.


It’s difficult for you to show any self-restraint. Your conduct is erratic, needlessly extravagant and your friends and those people closest to you are unsure of what you’re likely to do next or even able to feel confident about your attitude towards them. Financially, it’s important you show caution, any rashness may lead to negative consequences for your hard-earned cash.

It’s better to practice self-discipline and avoid any fanciful or risky ideas that seem attractive. Be far more self-critical and take time to listen to your inner voice. Maybe you’re taking on too much – if so, take a rest.

It’s not worth damaging your situation, your health or friendships by taking on too much.


With self-confidence and creative energy, the often unconventional methods you decide to use allow you to deal with any kind of challenge effectively, convincing the most stubborn of your critics that you’re a person to be reckoned with. Continually longing to try out something new, this affects how your relationships develop. Always ready to listen to others, you feel an affinity with people totally different from yourself and are able to foster new acquaintances that have the potential to develop in unexpected ways.

You’re in good physical shape, so satisfy your need for action by burning off your spare energy with some sports activity or exercise.


You’re not afraid of making mistakes and feel totally confident about your abilities. It seems that luck is on your side, allowing you to achieve excellent results - but be cautious – your success is much more likely to be dependent on your own individual effort and abilities, not on luck alone. Whether you’re single or living with someone, be as considerate as you can in the way you behave towards them – otherwise you appear arrogant and self-centered.

You have a tendency to push things too far. Where your health is concerned, try to take things more slowly and use your common sense. In financial matters don’t be afraid to refuse to get involved in certain monetary transactions, especially the riskier ones.


Openings for success exist, if you take the time to carefully observe your situation and take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available to you. However, success and arrogance often go hand in hand. Don’t make enemies by being arrogant or your hard-won success might eventually fade away.

Be careful you do not sacrifice your personal life to professional ambition or let yourself be overwhelmed by potential material gains. Eventually you come to notice how little money and prestige mean when others cease to like or understand you. Attempt to achieve a balance between yourself and others to make your life actually worth living.


Possible arguments and misunderstandings which result from long past and suppressed conflicts might resurface in a partnership or in other close relationships. Try to keep a cool head, even if the situation is tricky. If you take the time and are ready to compromise, you’re able to resolve any type of problem.

Arguments needlessly use up a lot of your energy. When possible, take time out to get some peace and quiet, and do some light sports activity to improve your outlook. In money matters if unfortunately you experience some bad luck, don’t try to balance any of your losses with risky investments or take short cuts that are unproven.


Full of energy, feeling optimistic, you find life enjoyable! You’re able to resolve any difficulties, complete any tasks. Everyone you know loves your cheerful sense of good fun and appreciates your enthusiasm. In your personal life too, you’re able to enjoy being with your partner or your closest friends.

You spend as much time as possible together. To channel your energies the right way, exercising in the fresh air is a good idea. That way you feel even better.

Finances run smoothly too, you’re likely to be the recipient of some beneficial outcomes that result from your past sensible and prudent ways of handling your money.


You’re in danger of having to prove something to everyone, they’re unlikely to react favorably and dislike how you behave. You may be able to get over difficulties at first but your exaggerated need for admiration makes others appreciate you less. In your personal life, you’re very sensitive and tend to overreact because you think you’re being victimized.

It might be useful to do some exercise or sports to let off some of this pent-up frustration – don’t try to do too much and harm yourself accidentally. In money matters you overestimate your capabilities and might risk losing more than you expect. Be extra careful and come to your senses.

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