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English Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – U2

Week starting 15th April


Prospects are good, take advantage of any opportunity you get to let others know how committed you are. You’re able to state and define your point of view convincingly in every situation that occurs. Try to deal with as many outstanding issues and plans for the future as you possibly can. As in all things a healthy balance is required, take a break when you can, going out for a jog in the evening, riding your bike or long walks in the country help you relax and unwind after a time of intense deliberations.


Healthy self-confidence and high physical stamina make it likely that you experience a very productive period. It’s important for you to let others know your plans and make it clear you’re willing to show the necessary degree of compromise that insures everyone is satisfied. People you’re acquainted with and those others you’re much closer to, find your ideas and suggestions stimulating and you can expect to find they’re willing to share in your new found zest for life and optimism for the future.


You are capable of being extremely productive and making a success of whatever you do. However be careful of over-reacting if you feel threatened; you tend to respond bad-temperedly or even insensitively. Hold yourself back if confronted and refrain from making enemies or from the temptation to deliberately provoke others, behavior like this is very unproductive and likely to cause you unwanted problems. Step back from time to time and use your energy both purposefully and thoughtfully!.


Where ever you go and whoever you meet you’re able to imbue others with your good mood and enthusiasm, as well as assist them in any way that is required. You find nothing is in the least daunting – take this opportunity to deal with outstanding issues both past and present. Make sure you think of creating outcomes that are of benefit to you once in a while! Look out for opportunities that may be on the horizon, if single romance is more likely, who knows; maybe new prospects in love open up.


Although you feel confident and ready to make improvements both at work as well as on the home front in ways you have not attempted before. It’s easy for you to lose control and become embroiled in arguments which can cause problems that dent your pride. The maxim to follow is; to think twice before you act and proceed one step at a time with extra caution. Don't let yourself be so easily provoked, consider situations sensibly before you finally make a decision about the most effective way to proceed.


Circumstances seem to be stacked against you. Take your time to consider and weigh up your options before embarking on anything too hastily, otherwise mistakes occur and unnecessary arguments follow which are far better avoiding. It’s important to practice self-control both with your partner and in your professional life. Try some sports activity or exercise to help dispel your excess energy, this helps stay you in a more balanced mood, which you can put to use in a constructive and beneficial way.


Instead of always attempting to get your own way, and endeavoring to persuade others to help you, you instead find you have enough energy yourself to work a bit harder and accomplish what you need. If tempted to argue with others it’s far better to give in, especially if what’s under dispute is of little significance. There is nothing to stop you holding on to what you believe in and waiting for a more favorable opportunity to put your point across, when you have thoroughly thought it through.


Quite effortlessly you’re able to deal with activities you normally experience as being much more challenging. You are poised and confident, able to avoid everyday petty squabbles that normally hinder progress. Instead focusing on important things and prioritizing the completion of certain tasks that require the minimum of effort. Your uncompromising attitude towards life enthuses the people you come into contact with and especially those you care about most, who appreciate the dedication you show.


Wanting to achieve is OK as long as whenever possible you include others and satisfactorily deal with their concerns. Don’t resort to angry outbursts if you’re criticized but consider if there is a benefit to be gained from the other person’s point of view that you can take into consideration and is likely to improve the outcome of your activities. Any excessive energy utilize in pursuit of healthy exercise, to help release tension or stress, avoid contact sports, jogging or Nordic walking is best.


You inspire others with your ideas and plans, your cool, calm and collected approach wins people over and they have little reason to refuse the advances or suggestions you make. Proposals you put forward at work are also met with a favorable response and colleagues, previously difficult to deal with, are willing to listen. Take this opportunity to develop new strategies you can implement in future, that provide you with a foundation to overcome any tough times that may possible lie ahead of you.


Your increased self-confidence helps you to establish important ties with influential and good-natured individuals. What you have to say endears others to your way of thinking and encourages them to support you in your endeavors. In both your professional and private life your company is sought after and appreciated. As a guest you are likely to cause quite a stir with your encouraging and level headed approach to life.

All who have the pleasure of meeting discover you are stimulating company.


Full of nervous energy, you’re able to use either in a positive or destructive way. It’s important to think clearly about how to approach the new and important projects on your agenda. There is no doubt that you are able to establish yourself at work. Avoid knee-jerk reactions which may endanger your career, as people are likely to respond in a similar way.

When you’re busy or even if you’re working out, remain focused and thoughtful – that's how you get through the week just fine. If it comes to an argument with the person you love, you should always try to be objective and understanding.

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