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English Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – U2

Week starting 25th September


For the slightest of reasons you lose your temper and as you might normally expect are unable to keep your normal level of composure. Mistakenly or not, you’re under the impression that people are purposely setting out to annoy you. Once this happens you find it difficult to regain your self-control. Co-operation and compromise is the key to get you through what appears to be a conflict laden period.

Spare yourself any stress, seek approval and appreciation rather than putting at risk their normal support.


Practice more self-restraint, far too easily you feel you’re deliberately provoked, even over the slightest matters. Without warning your excess energy erupts in a bad temper. Obviously this isn’t acceptable to those you know, self-discipline and compromise is essential. Such relentless behavior results in problems both at home and at work.

Watch out that these excesses don’t become a noticeable feature in other areas of your life. You need to be more self-aware and make sure that it doesn’t.


Impressing others with a certain level of competency, you’re able to demonstrate that taking on new and challenging tasks is a good test of your abilities. You want to show exactly how capable you are and demonstrate your enthusiasm to those who matter most. Aside from your working environment, catching up with leisure and sports activities provide you with high levels of excitement, satisfaction and fun. An even bolder approach reveals possibilities to improve involvement on the romantic front.


You are capable of being extremely productive and making a success of whatever you do. However be careful of over-reacting if you feel threatened; you tend to respond bad-temperedly or even insensitively. Hold yourself back if confronted and refrain from making enemies or from the temptation to deliberately provoke others, behavior like this is very unproductive and likely to cause you unwanted problems. Step back from time to time and use your energy both purposefully and thoughtfully!.


You feel fighting fit, on top form, as you experience vibrant energy running through your body! That's why it is a great time to tackle any tasks you have put off recently. If you don't have existing projects, it is a good time to start something new. Prepare yourself in anticipation for something good to happen shortly. It is even possible for you to feel overwhelmed by so many opportunities coming your way.

Take advantage of this crucial phase and make the most of it!! Once you've got your project off the ground, you meet with approval from others.


With all your excess energy, it’s easy for you to be busy all the time. You are unlikely to be bothered by problems. Despite feeling energetic and well-adjusted you approach situations carefully, it is your strength and stamina that complement your diligent approach, which invariably results in a successful outcome. You don't only finish your usual projects in an efficient and determined way; you get involved with even more tasks and show how capable and reliable you are.

In the process, it’s important you don’t forget your loved ones.


Feeling strong, it’s easy to stand up for yourself when confronted by obstacles. This can lead to arguments if you don’t first reflect on getting your own way. Enjoying your work, you can focus on your tasks effortlessly. The mental stimulation involved will not be enough to satisfy the need to soothe your inner tension.

Feeling resilient, you can help put your mind at ease and dispel any built up irritability with some healthy energetic exercise.


You’re careful and show persistence when dealing with problems. Your increased vitality and improved self-confidence has positive effects on everyone you meet. You’re able to complete any new tasks either alone or as part of a team. As expected, the suggestions you make are acceptable to others who tend to agree with you.

Use this influence to achieve your desires, remain steadfast, true to your aims and they’re likely to be met with approval by those people in your life that matter most to you.


Assert yourself and others follow your lead. You don’t have to be too concerned about getting your own way, the stance you take is overwhelmingly convincing with regard to most matters you have to deal with. So consider discussing everything that is important while you are in such convincing form. Be determined but not obsessive about certain issues, if you find some situations problematic then move on and take a different tack.

Expand your field of expertise you’re likely to succeed regardless.


Wanting to achieve is OK as long as whenever possible you include others and satisfactorily deal with their concerns. Don’t resort to angry outbursts if you’re criticized but consider if there is a benefit to be gained from the other person’s point of view that you can take into consideration and is likely to improve the outcome of your activities. Any excessive energy utilize in pursuit of healthy exercise, to help release tension or stress, avoid contact sports, jogging or Nordic walking is best.


Your abundant energy together with the self-confidence and composure you display makes being successful both professionally and personally much more likely. You engage people in pleasant conversation which helps them to see your point of view. Use your new found enthusiasm to resurrect your interest in people or projects that you have neglected for a long time. Feeling very fit, you can easily be persuaded to improve your performance in the sports activities or exercise regime you enjoy most.


You possess a higher than usual level of pent up anger that needs dealing with in a constructive way, if you don’t want to suffer from the consequences. Ease up on the talking and avoid putting others on the defensive. If you require help from others be more patient and diplomatic in the way you approach them. Even if you personally feel on top form , be prepared to take things at a more leisurely pace otherwise you may suffer setbacks from unnecessarily taking on far more than you able to handle.

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