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Astro Weekly Horoscopes

Feed – B2

Week starting 30th January


It is the Moon that is set to play a pivotal role this week, twice in its own right and twice because it will find itself in the right place at the right time. The latter is the case from the start, for while the Moon will leave your income sector on Monday it will be here, sharpening your nose for money and your instincts as a friendly aspect between Uranus here and Mercury in your career sector peaks. This is the third time that they have come together in just six weeks, but with both now in direct motion they have come together to move things forward. This will continue to impact the rest of the week, but the Moon's return to your friendship sector on Monday will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged as a friendly aspect between the Sun here and Mars in your communication sector also peaks.

It is from Thursday to Saturday that the Moon will put the focus on home and family matters, with a lot of things falling into place or running their course. It is over the weekend that the Moon will return to a playful and creative part of your chart as a Full Moon.

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